As someone who grew up in Minnesota and now lives in southern California, I’ve experienced winter in all of its forms — from harsh blizzards to mild rains to full-on heat waves. Yet, there are some aspects of this season that remain consistent no matter what part of the nation we reside in. Whether we live on snow-capped mountains or along sandy beaches, we all experience shorter evenings, lower average temperatures, and a subtle sense of pause around us.

Animals rest in hibernation, nature’s colors fade, and we, too, are invited to take on a slower, more peaceful pace. There is no better time for quiet reflection, for hopeful dreaming, and for all the best comforts of home. Whether we prefer to remain indoors and keep cozy or get outside and explore, there are countless opportunities to savor this season.

For a few ideas on how to get started, below is our winter bucket list. See how many you can check off!

Go Outside

1. Make a snow angel (or a sand angel, depending on where you live)
2. Find an ice rink and go skating
3. Take a crisp morning walk in the snow
4. Catch a snowflake on your tongue
5. Go stargazing on a clear night
6. Build a snowman
7. Soak in natural hot springs

Get Creative

8. Take a cooking class
9. Knit a warm chunky scarf
10. Set up a blanket fort and “camp out”
11. Make DIY Valentines
12. Cut out paper snowflakes
13. Make homemade hot chocolate
14. Develop an indoor workout routine

Keep Cozy at Home

15. Decorate sugar cookies
16. Play your favorite card games with family
17. Snack on lots of fresh pomegranates, kale, cranberries and other seasonal produce
18. Brighten your space with fresh winter blooms
19. Take a bubble bath
20. Set out lots of blankets and host an indoor movie night for friends
21. Sit by a window and watch the snow fall

35 Things to Cross Off Your Winter Bucket List | DARLING
Image via Hart&Honey

Give Back

22. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
23. Write a Thank You note to someone who deserves it
24. Host a winter brunch for friends
25. Donate socks and blankets to a local homeless shelter
26. Clean out your closet
27. Bake homemade bread for your neighbors and co-workers
28. Find a local coffeehouse concert to go to

Rest Up

29. Make a reading list, and read each book (or magazine issue!) start to finish
30. Create the perfect winter playlist
31. Set (and keep up with) New Year’s resolutions
32. Take a nap by the fire
33. Spend an afternoon looking through old photos
34. Take a social media detox
35. Start a journal

What would you add to your winter bucket list?

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  1. I’m a yoga teacher (and studio owner) so I’d say get toasty in a hot yoga class or take advantage of the longer nights by decompressing with a restorative class set to candlelight. Love this list! Thank you for sharing.

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