If you’ve ever been frustrated by the negativity of traditional news media, you’re not alone. Yet now, more than ever before, we have the freedom to choose the media we most want to consume. Podcasts are a great choice; they make informative, positive, and interesting content readily accessible. If you haven’t indulged in this popular practice, log onto iTunes and find a wide array of Podcasts you can personally subscribe to, creating your own collection of hand picked media.

You can listen whenever you want and even listen to something again if you didn’t hear it the first time. Even better than the radio, you won’t miss a podcast’s content if you aren’t tuning in.

Here are a few worthy of your subscription. They’re sure to create great conversation amongst your family and friends the next time you jump in the car and take a summer road trip.

1. This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

If you’re a creative entrepreneur with dreams and a vision for creating a great life—-this is a must-listen to podcast. Michael is a great mentor who shares insights about how the modern culture impacts our daily life and how we can structure and create a life that we long for. Sleep, time management, goal setting, and great interviews with some interesting lifestyle authors will help inform and shape your outlook on your own life.

2. Spoken

You need to check this out. Believing that the human voice is the most unique and intimate gift we have been given, Spoken gives the human voice a platform. Users upload audio files for you to listen to and connect to. Register on the Spoken website and begin listening to stories, ideas, and insights from everyday people who have great things to share and say, out loud. It’s not a podcast, but it is in the same category of sorts. Go check it out online right now.

3. Sorta Awesome

Megan Tietz gave up blogging to become a podcaster. She believes that living “sorta awesome” is the way we move away from being an “all-or-nothing” perfectionist and instead begin living present in our life and approach each day as a part of the journey. Check out her super positive, fun podcast where she interviews her friends who are writers and women seeking to live an awesome life.

4. Ted Radio Hour

Educate yourself while you drive down the freeway! Ted Radio Hour allows you to keep your eye off of the video screen and listen in to a variety of topics that will keep you in the loop and give you a deeper understanding of a topic you never knew you needed to know about.

5. The Lively Show

Jess Lively hosts this weekly podcast to help her listeners live life with more intention by exploring possessions, personal habits, relationships and careers. She has an upbeat personality that in and of itself is uplifting and fun.

6. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of Eat, Pray, Love and now Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. On her podcast she talks to people who are struggling with their creativity and helps them move through their fears.

There are so many great podcasts to explore. No longer are we stuck listening to one or two options — the democracy of media continues to develop and we are empowered to choose the voices we want to fill our lives with. Podcasts are a great way to download a mash-up of media that can inspire, educate, and challenge each of us to live a great life.

What are some of your favorite Podcasts?

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  1. I’m always looking for podcast recommendations. Obsessed with them… I always have to have one turned on. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. This an awesome list. I love listening to this type of stuff when driving around town or working out. I feel it really helps put things in perspective.

  3. Some of my favorite podcasts are: Filler: a creative industries podcast, Stuff You Should Know and Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Check these out!

  4. The RELEVANT podcast is the best! It explores faith and pop culture and the hosts are really fun to “hang out” with 🙂

  5. I love the Dear Sugar podcast! After reading Tiny Beautiful Things I was so excited to hear that they were making this column into a podcast and now both sugars are working together!

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