Happy Holidays, Darlings!

When I think about holiday preparations and celebrations, they seem to always be accessorized by a wintry drink. Whether it be eggnog, hot chocolate, spiced cider, mulled wine, hot toddies or holiday punch—why not add a new one to the mix with my fun and bright mocktail recipe:

Cranberry Sour Mocktails with Nutmeg Spiced Cold Foam

These are delicious to make for an evening at home, and festive enough to serve at a holiday party.

For its base, I make a cranberry sour using pure cranberry juice, apple cider, and a little bit of cinnamon. This is topped with a nutmeg-spiced cold foam, which balances out the tartness from the cranberry juice, and creates a beautiful, layered drink.

Traditionally, cold foam is made with milk, but I opted to use more easily digestible, less inflammatory ingredients (as I do) by using full-fat coconut milk. Most other non-dairy milks will work for this, as well. Coconut yogurt is added for extra creaminess, not-to-mention probiotics, because why not add nutritional benefits when possible! The cold foam is then seasoned with a little ground nutmeg to bring that holiday flavor.

I recommend pre-making the cranberry sour mix and serving it in a pitcher alongside freshly whipped cold foam, so that the mocktails are ready to quickly assemble. Darling Society’s Smoke Glass Carafe and Smoke Drinking Glasses are perfect for this.

Garnish with fresh cranberry, a sprig of rosemary, a little ground nutmeg, or whatever you’d like—enjoy!

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Cranberry Sour Mocktails with Nutmeg Spiced Cold Foam


Cranberry Sour Mocktail

2 cups 100% cranberry juice

1 cup apple cider

1/4 cup hot water

3 tablespoons maple syrup

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1 cup ice

Nutmeg Spiced Cold Foam

1 cup unsweetened full-fat coconut milk

1/4 cup unsweetened coconut yogurt or non-dairy yogurt

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1/8 teaspoon fine sea salt

Optional Garnishes

Fresh cranberries

Springs of fresh rosemary

Ground nutmeg



Cranberry Sour Mocktail

In a pitcher, whisk together the cranberry juice and apple cider. In a small bowl, whisk together the hot water and maple syrup. Add the maple syrup mixture to juice. Whisk in the cinnamon. Add the ice and let sit while making the cold foam.

Nutmeg Spiced Cold Foam

In a small bowl or pitcher, add the coconut milk, coconut yogurt, vanilla, nutmeg and salt. Use an electric whisk to blend until thickened and foamy. A blender will work, as well.



Pour the Cranberry Sour Mocktail through a fine mesh strainer into serving glasses. Carefully spoon the Nutmeg Spiced Cold Foam on top. Garnish as desired.

Serve right away.



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