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18 days until I marry my best friend.

This season has been all kinds of whirlwindsplanning a wedding in a pandemic and wrestling with what’s responsible and what’s actually true has been a journey. I’m grateful for the wrestle.

This morning, I was talking to one of my friends who hasn’t yet found her forever person, and it made me reflect on how grateful I am that things happen exactly as they should. When we rest in the difficult truth of timing, our perception expands and we can stand calmly in gratitude.

There are many times when I wonder what it would have looked like to love my singleness a little more. I always saw it from a place of lacka condition of being without or waiting for my person. In hindsight, I loved those years of singleness. I loved those years of carving out character, having adventures and diving deep into my own heart and world so I could create space for the right one to come.

I used to call it waitingwaiting for my person. I don’t think of it like that anymore. Your longings are all there, and they’re all coming as you press in deeper to them. I no longer see my journey as one of waiting—it was one of adventure and preparing my heart to be ready for forever. Stay patient in your longings.

Kara Elise, Darling Family 

What good can come out of times of waiting on a dream? What would you go back and tell your younger self who is still waiting?

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