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Recently, I’ve felt discouraged in the middle of a season that feels stale. I have to keep reminding myself that staying in the same place physically doesn’t automatically equate to a lack of growth. If you moved back home or are feeling burnout from a WFH routine, you are not alone. I am reminded of a friend’s words, “Just because you moved back doesn’t mean you aren’t moving forward.”

Here are some of the things that have helped me feel refreshed:

First, spruce up your space. Oftentimes, we think of redecorating as requiring a whole lot of time and money, but I’ve found that simply buying new candles or rearranging my dresser can make my room feel new and inviting again.

Second, reflect. It’s easy to lose track of your emotional and mental progress without external markers of change. Keeping a journal has helped me look back and see how much has shifted. 

Lastly, build healthy habits. Because my days look relatively the same, I’ve been able to notice what an impact small habits have on how I feel. Exercise, carving out quiet time and creating a nighttime routine are all things that have encouraged and energized me.

Even when time feels static, know that you are not. We can choose to move forward through the daily choices we make. Remember: Sometimes, growth may bear internal fruit before we see external results. Let’s keep creating healthy habits that lead to personal growth.

Annika Hoiem, the Darling family

What are some small ways you can add joy to your everyday routine? What does “refreshment” look like to you after a particularly draining season?

Image via Taylor Roades, Artwork via Ash Wilson

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