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When the Darling team got our hands on a Sheltered Co. weighted blanket, we knew we had to put together a collaboration just in time for the holidays! Outside of being soft and sturdy, breathable yet thick, these blankets have an amazing story that we are proud to support.

Pamela Hunter, Sheltered Co. Founder and Creative Director, accidentally made her first weighted blanket when her daughter, Ransom Fae, was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. After the weighted blanket proved to be successful in helping her daughter sleep through the night, Sheltered Co. was born.

“A Sheltered Co. blanket is a source of immediate comfort—a giftable hug,” Pamela said. “We all could use some extra love and hugs sometimes and the blankets are our solution.”

Two women peering over a blanketSheltered Co. specializes in weighted blankets that promote both sleep and calm while also promoting body regulation. Made from deadstock fabrics, these handmade blankets are both functional and therapeutic. Their weighted blankets don’t use plastic or polyester beads or pellets to add weight, only the sheer weight of the handwoven fabrics.

Every color is limited edition and the Darling Peach was designed just for you! The blanket is offered in three sizes: Travel, Petite and Standard. The content of the blanket is 95 percent cotton and 5 percent modal.

The name “Sheltered Co.” came out of Pamela’s desire to create something that would signify “this is a safe space.” At the time, she was juggling multiple hats while caring for a newly diagnosed special needs child and was tasked with making her feel as safe and as understood as possible.

“Our blankets create shelter from all the harmful nonsense in the world, and sometimes, all you need to feel a bit better is to crawl into a beautiful little cocoon to release that tension,” Pamela explained.

“Sometimes, all you need to feel a bit better is to crawl into a beautiful little cocoon to release that tension.”

Two women jumping in the air as they hold a blanketSince day one, Pamela has focused on creating the blankets in a sustainable way—without beads or fillers. Today, the brand’s practices for sourcing fabric remain the same as all of their blankets are sustainably made and 100% machine washable.

Sheltered Co. blankets can be referred to as “heirloom products” as they are meant to provide comfort, to be shared and add warmth to every room they’re in. Each blanket is a handmade work of art as their team hand-crochets each one, which can take anywhere from four to eight hours each, in their L.A. factory.

“Weighted blankets have literally changed our lives,” Pamela explained. “Not only do they help our child who has special needs, but all of our other kids as well. Whether they need improved sleep, comfort or just time to escape for a bit.”

“Weighted blankets have literally changed our lives.”

A blanket folded on the floor by flowersThe blankets are also a perfect gift for the holidays, especially in 2020.

“A lot of us are spending the holiday season wildly different this year after a lot of collective hardship,” Pamela said. “The idea of giving someone the gift of ease, relief and calm in the form of a weighted blanket sounds like holiday magic to me.”

Today, Sheltered Co. has more than 450 five star reviews on their website. Some customers love them so much that they have a blanket for every room in their homes! Shop the Darling Peach Weighted Blanket here as you celebrate with your loved ones and add an extra bit of warmth and comfort to the holiday season.

Shop the Peach Weighted Blanket on Sheltered Co. and Darling!

Images via Sheltered Co.

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