I’m so excited to be back with another edition of Darling’s Favorite Things! The March edition is particularly special as it is Women’s History Month, and we have the chance to celebrate some awesome women-owned brands. I did a little research and found that there are currently 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States. I was encouraged to find that in 2021, 40 percent of all U.S. businesses are owned by women, which is evidence of the strides we have made in equity in the business space. Another fun fact: In the last 20 years, there has been an 114% increase in the number of female entrepreneurs.

While there is still so much more to be done, I am so encouraged to see so many female entrepreneurs thriving and launching businesses that they are passionate about. The brands we are highlighting this month are thoughtfully curated and celebrate ethically-made, environmentally conscious practices.

Let us know your favorite brands that we should spotlight next in the comments below. Happy shopping!


Apotheke: The Story Behind the Brand

Apotheke is a luxury home fragrance brand inspired by simplicity. What stands out about Apotheke is that the products are beautiful and luxurious but also attainable for the everyday consumer. The brand was built on the belief that scent can transform a house into a home, elevate mood and help keep memories alive. This core principle motivates them to create products that both relish and appreciate life’s simplest moments. All Apotheke products are vegan, have never been tested on animals and are paraben-free with perfume grade fragrances.

In their early days, Apotheke started out selling unpackaged and oddly shaped soaps at farmers markets. This origin story led to a love of ingredients, manufacturing and scent. Years later, the team began selling its soaps and candles at flea markets in Brooklyn. With a passion for soap making and scent formation, founder Chrissy Fichtl launched the brand in 2011. In the summer of 2012, Apotheke opened their first factory, a 3,000 square foot site in Brooklyn, and Chrissy’s husband Sebastian Picasso took the lead of production motivated by the philosophy that high-quality and luxury goods can still be made steps from home by real people.

Today in 2021, Apotheke is moving to a factory four times the size of their first factory and opening to the general public in the summer. No matter how much they grow the team stands firm on embracing life’s simple moments and allowing it to inspire luxury products.

Apotheke Santal Rock Rose 3-Wick- $68.00

The Santal Rock Rose 3-Wick candle was inspired by the stamina we all need to keep going through life’s most challenging and tiring moments. The candle was created with the notion that beauty is found in even the rockiest of moments. The unique wood scent is a perfect blend between the richness of sandalwood and the earthy, herbaceous rock rose.

The 32 ounce candle burns for a marvelous 120 hours! In the top layer, you will smell mossy, earthy and herbaceous scent notes. In the middle, you will take hints of grapefruit, cumin and spice, and toward the end, leathery, smokey, musky sandalwood notes can be detected.

Apotheke IG: @apothekeco


Nisolo: The Story Behind the Brand

Everyone needs a staple pair of sturdy, leather shoes. My favorite thing about Nisolo is that they specialize in ethical leather shoes and accessories for men and women that are stylish and comfortable as well as functional and sustainable. They have a 0% carbon footprint and truly emphasize providing their producers in Peru with 100% livable wages.

One thing that stands out to me about Nisolo is their passion to transform the fashion industry to care as much about consumer dollars on the output side as they do about the planet and the producers who make the clothes on the input side. They are a brand that is not just all talk, but their convictions are evident in their actions: providing living wages to their producers in Peru, combating climate change by protecting trees from deforestation in the Amazon Basin and being both B Corp and Climate Neutral certified.

Lima Slip On in Bone – $100.00

The Lima Slip On is a minimalist’s fashion dreams come true. This casual slip on is an addition to the Nisolo mule collection. Originally designed as a house slipper, I love the leather insole that adds the perfect amount of structure as well as comfort. You can wear it in the house or on the go and the soft, unlined leather upper makes it easy to pack flat for travel.

Nisolo IG: @nisoloshoes

Tuft & Needle

A wooden bed frame and queen sized mattress in a bedroom with nude colored wallsTuft & Needle: The Story Behind the Brand

When I first learned that Tuft & Needle is considered the leader among direct-to-consumer mattress startups, it caught my eye. The brand launched in 2012 with a passion for exceptional mattress and bedding products. Today, Tuft & Needle has a growing catalog of thoughtfully designed products that make sleep a priority, so customers can wake up better.

Tuft & Needle has truly revolutionized my sleep experience. A mattress from Tuft & Needle is truly unlike any other! In 2017, the brand was named Entrepreneur’s Best Company Culture and one of TIME’s best inventions. Tuft & Needle has the highest customer loyalty score in the mattress market, with more than 95 percent of customers loving their mattress. 

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress – $695.00

As a mom of two, I value a good night’s rest. I love the Tuft & Needle Original Mattress because it is comfortable for all sleeping positions! It is made with two layers of high quality, open-cell foam with added graphite and cooling gel. My favorite part is that the mattress pulls your body heat away while remaining cozy and comfy. So your body temperature is regulated, and you won’t find yourself getting too hot nor cold. Save up to $225 with select Tuft & Needle mattress purchases on the Mother’s Day Sale. Effective: 04/19/21 – 5/09/21.

Tuft & Needle IG: @tuftandneedle

Revival Rugs

A large blue rug in an empty room and a room divider and a stool in the backgroundRevival: The Story Behind the Brand

Revival is a home decor brand on a mission to help you create a well-traveled home full of well-made objects. Founded in 2017, the Revival founders wanted to connect their friends and family to rugs that had both a sense of history and undeniable beauty. My favorite part is that their rugs are both affordable and ethically-made!

Based in Istanbul, Casablanca and Mumbai, the Revival team works directly with collaborators and artisans to handpick a carefully curated selection of products. This means their pieces are one-of-a-kind and made with integrity.

Revival Rinalds Moroccan Rug – $1,017.00

This handwoven and hand-knotted  is truly one-of-a-kind! The skilled artisans who create it use techniques originated by Beni M’rirt tribes in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco. The rug’s dimensions run  5’6″ x 9’1″ (170 cm x 278 cm), which make it a perfect fit for a large living room space.

Revival Rugs IG: @revival

Apiece Apart

Apiece Apart: The Story Behind the Brand

I admire Apiece Apart because they are all about empowering women. They believe in supporting, inspiring and bringing women together by designing clothing to be a part of our stories. Their designs are meant to echo the versatility of the women who wear them. I love their timeless collections which are meant to be worn on repeat for years and that never go out of style. 

Apiece Apart has several core principles: collaboration; color; connection; feminine zeal; constraints that can be broken; support systems; aspiration and then, letting it go; surprising people; deep, absurd laughs; being unexpected, complicated, and rare and coming home.

Co-founders Laura Cramer and Starr Hout, a Texan and a Seattleite, are lifelong friends whose creative paths ran parallel until a road trip through west Texas inspired their collaboration. The designers met as students at NYU. Starr worked in the art world before transitioning into fashion as a stylist. Laura worked as a graphic designer and art director, specializing in branding. On their 30th birthdays (the designers are born a day apart), Starr and Laura took a road trip to west Texas where the dream for Apiece Apart was born—intermixing pieces that could be packed in a single bag, to go anywhere and do anything.

Throughout the years, the line has continued to evolve with the designers. Together, they mindfully work to make Apiece Apart sustainable in every way. When possible, they use organic, ethically-sourced and biodegradable fabrics and natural fibers like linen, alpaca and silk.

Apiece Apart Mini Mitte Dress – $275.00

A new silhouette just in time for spring, the Mini Mitte Dress is cut from a lightweight, 100% organic cotton fabric, crafted for an easy, relaxed fit. It is enhanced with sweet feminine details like its A-line tiered skirt, subtle puff sleeves and top-to-bottom button closure.

IG Handle: @apieceapart

Lead image via Darling

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