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A Note from our Editor-in-Chief:

I hope everyone is having a beautiful holiday, cozying up around the fire with ones you love, speaking encouraging words and dreaming of a new year.

When we release the Winter issue at the close of each year, I see it as one last look at the past year and as a mentor that can serve on our journey into the next.

My hope is that you will get a copy of this new issue and sit with it in silence. Put away your phone, curl up in a cozy chair and let your mind meander the topics with curiosity; let your heart stay open to encouragement. The topics we cover in print are timeless and universal on purpose. We want these principles to stay with you forever and speak to generations to come.

Speaking of principle, the character trait we focused on in this issue is COMPASSION. See below for my personal notes on a few of this issue’s unique features and visit our shop for an even more extensive look inside!

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INSIDE THE DREAMER | Interview with actress Lucy Hale from “Pretty Little Liars” about success, beauty and the role of women in society.

lucy hale

“… But I think the part women still struggle with is that it’s very hard to have a voice—if you speak up, you’re a bitch; if you stand up for someone, you’re a bad person; if you don’t say something, you’re weak. And that’s not necessarily true; if you compare that to a man, no one would ever say those things. No one wants to say it but we do live in a very male-dominated world, but I see that changing with the amount of strong female role models out there.” – Lucy Hale

INSIDE THE ACHIEVER | Fascinating article laying out the five essential skills for success in the workplace.

marie kondo

“When you reflect on your energy and emotion, you can ask: What am I like to be around? Do I bring out the best in others? When I enter the room do I bring joy, indifference or apprehension?” – Rebecca Anderson

INSIDE THE HOSTESS | Interview with Marie Kondo, best-selling author of the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” where she shares much needed advice on minimalism and tidiness.

marie kondo

So usually the essential question is, “When I imagine myself using this beauty product, does it spark joy?” If you’re unsure after that, ask yourself from other angles, “Am I just using this product out of habit? Is it becoming too old? In what situation would I want to use it? Does possessing it make myself truly happy?” – Marie Kondo

INSIDE THE INTELLECTUAL | Personal essay from myself, the Editor-in-Chief of Darling, discussing what real confidence means.

you reader

“For you, I want a shift. I want you to feel a tangible change happen from the place you’re in right now—mentally or emotionally. Perhaps you are struggling with your personality and feel uninteresting. Or you think you’re too loud and you always offend people, or you’re too quiet and you tend to say the wrong thing. Maybe you feel ashamed of your body—feeling too curvy or too thin or like your face just isn’t beautiful. Or you hate the sound of your own voice and greatly fear any type of speaking up …” – Sarah Dubbeldam

INSIDE THE STYLIST | Article by stylists and digital influencers Amra and Elma Beganovich on the simple staple items you must have for the winter season.

amra elma

Each item tells a story, and has its own unique purpose in our wardrobe. We’re also aware of the fact that trends and styles are constantly changing; maintaining staples items like these in your closet provides an excellent foundation to build from, despite ever- evolving (and sometimes hard to keep up with) trends. It’s also a great way to battle indecisiveness when getting ready every day!” – Amra and Elma Beganovich

INSIDE THE CONFIDANT | Essay about dealing with friendships that change through important life seasons and decisions.


If we can bridge the gap even when the differences seem vast, we can start to forge lasting friendships. When your worlds are looking like very different places, finding some common ground or activities that you can do together can help you to stay feeling connected.” – Kahu de Beer

INSIDE THE BEAUTICIAN | Quotes chosen from our readers on what beauty means to them.


“I wish beauty was a direct discussion about a person’s soul and spirit. In a world saturated with headline buzzwords like ‘body goals’ and ‘dream hair,’ it’s important to remember that leaving a beautiful impact on the world comes down to action, not what you are wearing.”–  Bre Palmer @bre_palmer 

INSIDE THE EXPLORER | An epic travel feature on the secret spots of Iceland.


 On our final day, we sailed back to Isafjorder (during which we spied dolphins and whales). Along the five-hour drive to Reykjavik, we stopped mid-trip at one of the nationally upkept natural springs, right off the side of the road. It was a sunny, brisk day and the view was again water and skyscape and rolling green hills.” – Teresa Miller Archer

We hope you have a merry holiday season and can’t wait to get this issue into your hands for the new year! Be sure to pre-order here.

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