Nothing compares to finding comfortable fashion that makes you feel good and look good. I remember feeling like I could conquer the world. With the Florida sun tenderly hovering over the grass fields, my ten-year-old self galloped around freely, discovering a fashionable truth that carried into my adulthood — the power of overalls.

Despite school dress codes and formal Sundays, nothing kept me from showcasing this cotton-tethered jumpsuit. In retrospect, I realize it wasn’t all about style. It was the liberation. Instead of constraining me by a particular cut or measurement, my denim embraced my features and allowed me to move confidently.

To this day, overalls invigorate our closets with a sense of youthful admiration for life’s impromptu adventures. Here are a few more reasons why this fashion staple has made a comeback:

Overalls feature flexibility and versatility.

Hand-crafted in every cut and pantone hue, overalls adapt according to the occasion. With the right combination, they can be dressed-up for a professional or special occasion; simultaneously, they can be dressed down for housecleaning days or a girls’ night out. Their build assures comfortability and sustainability for those long summer days. In place of mundane pants and frilly skirts, overalls bring a reliable vibrancy to our style that enhances our ability to move around as much as we need to.

Overalls empower us to get work done.

Society tends to create all sorts of fashion rules that limit us from being able to engage with the world around us. Nothing compares to finding comfortable fashion that makes you feel good and look good. As hard-working women, we need clothes that best motivate a healthy and productive schedule. From an on-the-go college student to a stay-at-home mom, overalls give a boost of self-confidence that places no limits on what we can accomplish.

Nothing compares to finding comfortable fashion that makes you feel good and look good.

Overalls bring us back to our childhood.

Whenever I slip into my pair, I immediately go back to those stress-free days in the outdoors — the ones where my childlike imagination dictated my schedule. A lot of times, adulthood can cause us to forget to have fun. With crazy days at work and personal responsibilities to adhere to, we place our adventurous spirit on a shelf and forget to enjoy the little things that bring our heart joy.

Sometimes it’s important to grab that box of our favorite cereal and watch cartoon marathons. Overalls remind us that our creativity thrives most when we return to the dreams of our youth.

Overalls keep us connected to our memories.

As fashion trends continuously evolve, there are staple pieces, such as overalls, that will always be timeless. Whether paired with an eclectic bandana or a gingham off-shoulder top, overalls channel the classic pride of Americana panache. Moreover, overalls retell the summertime memoirs of backyard campfires, family barbecues and firework shows by the beach. When our minds fail to recall the details, even our fashionable keepsakes remind us of where we come from, as we strive towards creating more valuable moments with our family and friends.

Are you as obsessed with overalls as we are? Tell us about your favorite pair!

Image via Ben Cope for Darling Issue No. 23



  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! They definitely remind me of my childhood because I wore them very often. I don’t own a pair right now but I have my eye on a chambray pair from ModCloth.

  2. I’m going to be a junior in college and I still wear my overalls on the reg! I think they are cute and comfy! (The pockets are perfect to put all of my pens in when walking in-between class ha!) I think you are never too old to wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself and when it comes to overalls I am instantly happier when I throw them on! Even when all of my friends are dressed up dresses and skirts I have no problem being the only one!

  3. I bought mine 25 years ago for DM 15 (then about $ 25) in a second hand shop. They get better and better with the years. I don’t wear them often but still love them and feel at least 20 years younger when I do.

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