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What if everyone gave back to their communities through action and positive self-expression? That is what social awareness vodcast the Giving Back Generation set out to explore when it launched earlier this fall. Starring celebrities like Selena Gomez, Nina Dobrev, Sofia Carson and Paulina Char, the video podcast presents celebrities and everyday people alike the opportunity to share about empowering their communities and paying it forward.

The mission: to compel millennials and Gen Z’s to give back “one good deed at a time.”

Host Raquelle Stevens and actress Nina Dobrev

The vodcast allows today’s contemporary artists, entrepreneurs, actors and singers to sit around sofas and comfy chairs and share about their experiences on giving back and creating social impact. A collaboration between producer Andrea Iervolino, producer/director Chiara Tilesi and host Raquelle Stevens, the series focuses on reaching young adults who are still figuring out their place in the world but would like to make a positive impact.

It debuted exclusively on the social entertainment platform and app TaTaTu back in September and since then topics have included friendship, the importance of education to women empowerment and giving back in a positive way.

Actress Sofia Carson and her sister Paulina Charr got to share about their passion for female education and its direct connection to empowerment in the episode titled Empower Women. The two shared how they work to help underprivileged girls gain access to education.

Raquelle Stevens along with Paulina Charr and Sofia Carson

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is no stronger force in this world than an empowered and educated woman,” Carson, a UNICEF ambassador, recently penned in a Teen Vogue essay.

In  one of two episode appearances, Selena Gomez, alongside close friends Courtney Lopez, Ashley Cook and Stevens (the vodcast host) discussed navigating friendships. Topics ranged from trust, to forgiveness to unconditional love.

“A call to action based on friendship is to know that no matter where you are in life, the people that you surround yourself with is crucial,” Gomez said. “I do feel it is important to surround yourself with people who can lift you up…That would be my biggest wish for people—or for women.”

Courtney Lopez, Selena Gomez, Ashley Cook and Raquelle Stevens

In terms of maintaining long-term friendship, the group agreed about the importance of forgiveness.

“I think if you’re going to have long-term friendships, friends for life, it’s going to take forgiveness because you are going to disagree,” Courtney explained. “You’re going to have moments where you hurt each other intentionally or not intentionally. It’s just life together.”

The group also emphasized the importance of joy.

“It’s so important to just have fun, to laugh and to really enjoy your time with the people who are in your life and not get caught up in petty things that don’t matter,”Stevens added. “Joy is one of the greatest gifts that life offers.”

In her second appearance, in the episode titled Be Kind, Selena shares personal experiences on how she gives back in a positive way. For more episodes from the Giving Back Generation series, visit the Tatatu website.

Be sure to check out the upcoming episodes:

Episode 7: Get Involved

The seventh episode features Ajay Relan, a successful entrepreneur, who created #hashtaglunchbag, a nonprofit initiative which helps fight hunger one meal at a time. He takes us through crucial moments in his life, culminating with this important movement that has spread over 100 cities globally.

Episode 8: Be Kind

Selena Gomez takes us through the journey of her life, sharing touching and personal experiences. She reveals how she deals with life throwbacks, emphasizing how important it is for her to give back and to impact society in a positive way.

Can acts of service fuel purpose? How can you give back to your community and pay it forward in your everyday life? 

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