issue no. 17

Admittedly, fall is our favorite season at Darling. It brings with it a crisp air and nostalgic feeling that is un-paralleled any other time of the year and makes you want to cozy up with a good book, or better yet (hopefully) our new issue with the theme of “time.”

This new issue is a beautiful exploration of the power of time from a psychological and metaphorical perspective. The editorial explores how we can hold onto it, harness it and intentionally live within its constraints in a beautiful, free-flowing and efficient way that gives us the courage to powerfully live out our own significant story. In these pages you’ll find a mixture of deep topics such as regret or our honest views of our appearance in the mirror, to lighter ones such as methods of cooking and having a stronger green thumb. As always, we are discussing things on our own minds and hearts as the Darling staff, and hoping they resonate with you, as well.

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Keep reading for sneak-peeks and quotes from some of our favorite features:


Inside the Dreamer | A piece on regret and how we can move past it intentionally.

“… choice is the most powerful gift I will ever possess. It allows me to take the piles of memories that have made up my life, both the beautiful and the tragic, and use those memories however I want.” – Christa Black

lilly singh

Inside the Achiever | Fascinating interview with YouTube sensation, Lilly Singh.

“#GirlLove is all about empowering women and building women up, as opposed to breaking them down, because I feel like the cycle of girl-on-girl hate is so prominent in high schools and even the work place, and we just need to stick together as sistas, because we’re all awesome.” – Lilly Singh


Inside the Hostess | A piece on co-habitation between the genders.

“These days a female is as likely to fall in love with a killer entertainment system as a male is with a state-of-the-art espresso machine. This is all good news. Where there once stood rigid gender compartmentalization, there’s now a wealth of opportunity when it comes to decoration and design.” – Scott Purcell from Man of Many

susan stamberg

Inside the Intellectual | Interview with Susan Stamberg, co-host of NPR’s “All Things Considered” and the deemed “Founding Mother of National Public Radio.”

“It never occurred to me that I could be the first woman anchor, or that I could make a stand for other women … this was in the early ‘70s, when women were just hitting the workplace in big numbers, and feminism was on the rise … so I lobbied, at editorial meetings, that we regularly talk about so-called “women’s issues…” – Susan Stamberg

jennie runk

Inside the Stylist | Darling’s fall cover model discusses the plus size modeling industry.

“After being the first plus size model featured in an H&M swimwear campaign in 2013, I got thousands of messages on my Facebook from women telling me about their own struggles for self-acceptance, and how seeing me confidently sporting a bikini helped inspire them to love themselves a little more.” – Jennie Runk

kathy bates

Inside the Confidant | Intimate interview with Oscar-winning actress and spokeswoman Kathy Bates.

“My manager at the time said, “I don’t want you to be the poster child for ovarian cancer.” She steered me away from that. So I just went through it on my own — I went to chemo alone. But now, I felt, dang it, I’m just going to be open about it …” – Kathy Bates

beauty story

Inside the Beautician | Darling’s Beauty Editor challenges us on the “us” in the mirror vs. the “us” in our mind.

“It’s frightening how a simple piece of glass can leave us feeling like failures. I do not want to do that anymore, and I do not want you to do that anymore, either. But how do we fix a lifelong habit of allowing the versions of us that don’t exist to define the ones that do?” – Francesca Giaimo

elizabeth olsen

Inside the Explorer | Interview with Elizabeth Olsen and The Latitude Project’s founders Alanna and Jennifer Tynan about the non-profit and a lifestyle of service.

“We think it’s a matter of grabbing ahold of the things we care about and working all of those things into our lives, however they fit. It should make us jump out of bed feeling excited about the part we play in the world, the opportunity we have every day to both improve and enjoy the world around us.” – Jennifer Tynan


  1. I’ve only just started subscribing to Darling magazine and after just one issue, I’m hooked! Darling is my new favorite magazine and it makes the perfect seasonal coffee table book.

  2. as always, can’t wait to get it.
    Darling stands on the forefront of contemporary, progressive thought and a truthful vantage point.

  3. As always can’t wait to get it.
    It is always an enlightening and confirming experience. Darling stands on the forefront of contemporary, progressive thought and a truthful viewpoint.

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