The leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping, and it is time to start planning a fall road trip. If you’ve never hit the road before, we discovered a great company, Travellers Autobarn, that is made up of road trippers themselves! Their goal is to help travelers see America by campervan with interesting itineraries and everything needed for the best possible vacation experience. 

Located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas with a wide range of RV and campervan rentals, this travel enthusiastic company caters to backpackers, budget travelers, and tourists who want to travel with style on a budget. We had a chance to chat with the founder, Peter Burke, to learn more about the road trip process and what sets them apart. 

What sparked the beginning of Travellers Autobarn? 

I have always been (and still am) an avid backpacker, and always wanted to make the experience better. In Australia, my home country and where it all began, backpackers could either explore the country by air (which was very expensive) or they could buy an inexpensive car and try to sell it when they were done. And, with the long distances in Australia, cars were not the most comfortable vehicles for extended trips. I saw the opportunity to offer kitted-out van rentals to a budget-conscious audience, providing good comfort and value in return. Sure enough, it worked! Then, as many of the backpackers I rented to were from overseas, it gave me the confidence to take the business model international, first to New Zealand, and now the USA.

How would you say Travellers Autobarn has developed since its launch in Australia in 1993? 

How much time do you have? It started as a classic campervan sales business and it wasn’t until a German customer came into our office one day and asked if they could rent a campervan from Sydney and return it to Cairns. Well, that was the start of our rental business. More locations in Australia followed plus New Zealand in 2016 and USA in 2019. The biggest change is definitely the production of vehicles — we build all campervan housing in-house rather than buying a campervan second hand as well as investing lots into technology.

What does the process of renting a vehicle look like? Can you walk me through it?

It’s easy you can call us at 1-800-469-470, or go to our site at Explore the vehicle options, and when you’re ready, simply complete the form to get a quote and book on the spot for instant confirmation. On the day of your rental pickup, come to the location, and you’ll be set to go in no time.

Can you tell me more about your itineraries?

We have dozens of itineraries on our site just to provide some ideas and inspiration to our customers. These include trips from our three current pick-up locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, and other itineraries from locations where we hope to be in the near future, like Miami, Denver, Seattle, and New York. From national parks, to scenic winding roads, to hidden attractions and historical stops, you’ll find it all. We even tell you where the best campgrounds and “dispersed” (a.k.a. free) camping sites can be found. But, we’d never suggest following the itineraries to the letter the point of a road trip is to get lost and make some discoveries of your own.

If you had to pick, what Travellers Autobarn rental would you recommend as a go-to for fall travel?

The Kuga! It is fully equipped with a small kitchen, so you can easily make that first cup of coffee in the morning to watch the sunrise over the fall foliage. And its solar panels mean the lights and appliances constantly charge during the day, and they will last through those longer evenings as we head into fall. 

What makes Travellers Autobarn unique?

Several things! First of all, the vehicles have a cool retro exterior so they’re very distinct.  Secondly, the value we offer is outstanding: our well-equipped vehicles all include free unlimited mileage, so there’s no surprises at the end of the trip. We’re the only RV/camper van rental company to offer this.  

Is there anything exciting coming up that customers can look forward to in the rest of the year?

From an experience point of view, fall and winter are fantastic times to go to all those wide-open spaces now that the summer crowds have left. Explore national parks and hiking trails in peace, get that prime location at the campsite, and have a “home-cooked” meal under the stars. We’ll even provide a free heater, hot water bottle, and extra sleeping bags to ensure you are kept warm!

We also have special surprise deals that can range from 20% to $50 off. Follow our Instagram account or sign up for our newsletter on the Travellers Autobarn website to stay informed.

Image via Travellers Autobarn

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