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It’s done— you have finally moved to your new home. The furniture has arrived, all your clothes are in the closet and dishes and kitchen utensils are placed in the cupboards. You only need the final finish— a dose of warmth added to your space to truly make it comfortable. After all, this is your safe haven, your personal oasis to disconnect from the world and to recharge. You want it to feel peaceful and like it is yours (because in fact, it is.)

Here are a couple of ideas on how to truly make your space feel warm and turn your house into a home.

1. Golden luxury

Gold can easily be incorporated into any color scheme in the room. Whether you have opted for bright colors, natural scheme or neutral tones, gold will add that soft touch of luxury and a bit of a festive feeling. You will appreciate it, even more, when the holiday season approaches.

2. Lush layers

A truly cozy environment is made up of soft layers and patterns. You can never have too many cotton or plush pillows on the sofa and the armchairs. A warm oriental rug on the floor is a heaven for your feet and for the eyes, too. Even if you already have a carpet in the room, the extra layer you’ll get with the rug will accent the decadent style. Finish with soft, puffy blankets, and you’ll get a cozy room perfect for relaxing evenings and lazy afternoons.

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3. Add warmth to your bedding

Even though linen and crisp cotton are perfect for hot summer months, you need something warmer for the colder seasons. Flannel or jersey is excellent at keeping the warmth in. If you add a quilt or a throw blanket to serve as a bed runner, then you’ll have a decorative item that keeps your feet warm at night.

4. Get creative with personal photos

With our digital cameras, it’s easy to forget about the beautiful photos that you have. Take some time and go through them to pick your favorite ones and print them. There are various ways to display them in your home. You can make canvas art of them or even fridge magnets for your kitchen. Pinterest offers an abundance of ideas on how to display them in your living room or the entrance hall. For example, you can group them by theme and get framed beach photo prints or have a corner of black-and-white photos of several birthday parties of your family members. There’s no better way of decorating a wall then cover it with faces of your loved ones smiling.

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5. Soft lighting for a relaxing ambiance

Forget about harsh fluorescent lights and overhead lighting. You’ll get a warm glow with short table lamps, a few dimmers and candles placed at the right spots. Opt for warm-toned LED lights that will also reduce your energy bill. If possible, install a fireplace for the ultimate warm winter nights.

6. Give your books an interesting spin

Although bookcases are a safe bet, there are other ways you can display your books and use them as decorative additions to the room. For example, you can top a couple of green-spine books and end it with a yellow vase with flowers. You can place it on a coffee table or even on a dining table and get a unique decorative ornament. You could also put a wooden crate at the foot of your bed (let it be the same width and height as the bed) and fill it with books. If you place a pillow on top of it, followed by a blanket, you’ll get a cozy place for reading.

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7. Mind the bathroom

Your bathroom doesn’t just have to be clean but inviting, too. It’s also a place of relaxation after a long day when you only need a warm bath and a glass of wine. Use warm-colored towels, add a plant or two and place around a couple of scented candles on the surfaces. Aromatherapy items are always a great choice for the bathroom.

The details are what makes a home warm. The more heart you invest into it, the more visible it will be in every corner of your home.

What are your strategies on adding warmth to your home? Are there any design tips that you have for making a space feel peaceful?

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