A Note From The Editor: We are very aware that the words we publish in this space and in our print issues have power. Even more so, we’re in awe of how your words, our dear Darling readers, keep us encouraged and motivated in the mission to redefine what true beauty looks like — in the media and in culture — so that all women everywhere can feel known, loved, whole and worthy. We want to start sharing these words with you as well, because YOU are the real voice and agent of change.


From Darling reader Tiana Lecours:

I still remember the first time I read a real magazine. It was Elle Girl, and I was thirteen years old. Finally, Sabrina The Teenage Witch magazine aside, I was ready to take my place in the coveted women’s club. But as I flipped through the pages I was disappointed to find that really, it was half advertisements. And although the writing was good, it primarily focused on boys, beauty, and clothing. A few years ago, I stopped reading magazines all together. They weren’t what I wanted to put into my head as a healthy body image, and I found I wasn’t really learning anything new from them.

Fast forward to now. This is the first Darling magazine I have ever bought. Yes, it’s outdated, and yes, the Anthropologie where I picked it up did have the Winter issue (the most current when I purchased it), but I have always loved Autumn more anyway and the cover photo was just too stunning to pass up. And so even though I looked somewhat ridiculous, I ended up reading it every day on the train on my way to work.

This isn’t really like any magazine I’ve read. The photos are stunning, the writing is crisp and interesting, and what you’ll come out having learned is not quite what you would have expected. There is no retouching done, the women are real, and the magazine is ad free. This issue ranged from candle-making, to vegan chocolate, to childlike art and discussions on knowledge versus soul. All of this takes place in the same magazine that also shows some beautiful makeup and clothing looks for the colder months, as well as tips on how to be a good hostess and poetry for every section.

Have you ever read Darling or something like it?

We’re so excited to have women like you embracing beauty and creativity with us, Tiana! Thanks for sharing the #DarlingMovement!

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Image via Elisabeth Huijskens

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  1. I’m in full agreement. Darling content is timeless- every article leaves me feeling encouraged and empowered, unlike any other magazine I’ve read. The poetry even excites my core emotions (not common for me)!

    Really looking to link up with other Darling readers! Is there anyone in the Blacksburg, VA area?

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