monthly music travel playlist

Summertime always speaks travel. They go hand in hand, as if meant for each other.

Either we’re students on break from school or simply believe that summer should be ours for the taking, those feelings stay engrained in us well into adulthood. The weather is sweeter for just about any destination, making for peak exploration conditions. For many of us, now is the time we look forward to the most in order to take respite from the doldrums of the daily grind.

When you trace back through all of life’s grand adventures, do you recall the travel involved to get there? Was it silent? Chances are it was not. Aside from laughter, great conversation or perhaps some rest on a travel pillow … so much of our travel plans involve a soundtrack. Can you think back on a road-trip from ten years ago or maybe a long flight or boat ride from a couple summers back and dig up a song or two, maybe even a full album that always reminds you of that time in your life?

Just the right music can enhance the inner venturer’s experience as a whole, so we’ve pulled together a playlist to get your trip started this summer. From here, where will you go?

Image via Elle Daniels

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