It has been nearly two years that we have been riding on the roller coaster of the United States Presidential Campaign. We have seen, heard and felt it all — even if we didn’t want to, even the unthinkable has happened in front of our eyes and in the news.

This has been the most polarizing and in-your-face election this country has ever seen. Human beings of every race, religion, gender, ethical fiber, political preference, policy stance and belief system have been pitted head to head in a race that is now on the brink of imminent closure. A chasm has formed and our nation’s cracks are now wide enough to hopefully bring some real change to fruition.

This is our time to make a difference, to rev our convictions into action and hold ourselves accountable to our right to choose what direction our future, our children’s future, our country’s future will go in.

November 8, 2016 is the time that we all need to rise to the occasion and VOTE.

And here’s the soundtrack to accompany such a quest:

Image via Madi Ellis Photography

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