It seems as though summer in LA is never really in full swing until August …and during the months that follow.

We’re currently smack in the middle of days that sizzle with heat, sitting under skies streaked with radiant, fire-red sunsets. Perhaps that’s why we felt inspired to curate a few items that have similar August-themed tones. Below we’re sharing items in the shades we’re currently loving, even if true shade is hard to come by.


Rosé Champagne / Moët & Chandon
Why we love it: You really can’t discover a better way to beat the summer heat than by sipping a cool, bubbly drink while wishing for the wind to breeze by. Moët is well-known for a reason, and upon the first taste of their perfectly un-sweet rosé champagne, you’ll understand why. It’s pricer than your everyday bottle (around $60), but it would make the perfect guest at a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or special summer birthday.
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Planner / Julia Kostreva
Why we love it:  Is there anything better than breaking in a new planner? When it’s also as beautiful as one of Julia’s designs, the answer is no. Made in the USA, this daily planner can be used for any year, started at any time with large unlined spaces so you can write, draw, and dream up whatever you like for the days, weeks and months ahead. We love the soft-touch feel of the cover, pages perfect for pens, and being just the right size to slip into any number of purses or bags.
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Headphones / Frends
Why we love them:  We’ve seen these beauties around for awhile, and while it might be less expensive to slip in a pair of earbuds, we love how Frends instantly surrounds you with sound creating an escape from the world around you. Well-made and easily transportable, they’re something you’ll want to protect and take care of, which is more than we can say for the tangled web of headphones currently crammed in the back of our desk drawer …
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Stacking Rings / Bless The Theory
Why we love it:  Summer is synonymous with minimal, which is why we love these dainty rings that can be worn independently or as a trio. Made from 100% recycled Sterling Silver, each ring is adorned with a subtle 1/8 inch silver fold and sets have variations of vertical and horizontal folds. Even if you can’t feel cool this summer, you can certainly look it.
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Feather Earrings / Heather Gardner
Why we love them:  Tapping into that inner boho chick, we love these earrings because they can add the right amount of flare to even the simplest of outfits. Blending what’s natural with a bit of pizazz, these are the only accessory you need whether attending a music festival, beach birthday party or summer wedding.
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Complexion Rescue Gel Cream / Bare Minerals
Why we love it:  A little bit goes a long way, which we greatly appreciate in the heat when you just need a dab of coverage here and there. This tinted hydration cream glides on smooth, evening out skin tones while also providing a boost of antioxidants, electrolytes and (non-chemically) SPF. It also contains marine botanicals that help keep your skin dewy and hydrated, an added bonus after drying it out in the summer sun.
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Gold Moon Clutch / Sseko Designs
Why we love it:  When it’s hot outside, that last thing you want to do is lug around anything, especially a giant duffle bag doing double duty as your purse. Summer is the time to be light and carefree, which is why we think this golden-hued pouch (which is also a great shade to camouflage dirt and stains) is the perfect fit for being on-the-go. It’s large enough for your cell phone, wallet, and maybe some chapstick, but small enough to tuck under your arm and dance under the summer stars. We also couldn’t love more that it’s handmade in Africa, helping to employ women and pave their way to higher education.
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iPhone Case / Sonix
Why we love it:  It’s a simple thing, but sometimes the little things have the biggest potential to boost your mood and your day. That’s why we love discovering Sonix and their endless supply of beautiful, fun and interesting iPhone cases. Sometimes you just need a change — especially when it pertains to that digital companion always within arms reach. Rosé all day, please.
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Image via Milena Mallory

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