Did you know that statistically as humans we think about ourselves 90% of the time? It makes sense though; we have to be inside our own head and body all day, every day—moving and talking and thinking at a rapid pace. We truly are little miraculous engines.

Reading this statistic prompted me to think deeper about my own relationship to selfishness, so hence came the theme for the summer issue: SELFLESSNESS. The hula hoop on the cover was on my prop list for the photo shoot because it reminded me of the feeling of trying to not only uphold our own personal universe and image, but also of the energy and emotion we project into the social circles that surround us.

Our contributors were excited to peer through this theme when creating the warm and caring content in these pages. You’ll find that each persona explores ways in which we can celebrate and serve others without utterly losing ourselves in the process. From interviews with women making career choices beyond just simple promotion or fame, to articles on stepping out into the world with bravery or refusing to compete with others for attention, this issue will inspire you to the core.

Purchase it for yourself or give it as a gift and let it bring the truth that selflessness doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task—it’s mainly in the small things we do for others—the words we speak, the intentional eye contact, the moments of lending a hand.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” -Rabindranath Tagore

Below are my personal notes on a few of this issue’s unique features. Be sure to visit our SHOP for an even more extensive look inside. 


Inside The Dreamer | Interview with Evangeline Lilly

Known for her prominent roles in shows and films such as “Lost” and “The Hobbit,” we sat down for a meaningful conversation with Lilly about her personal and professional life—hearing about her hobbies, being an introvert and her family—as well as her new, exciting role in Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man and The Wasp.”

Inside The Achiever | “Work in Motion” by Wendy Cohen, President of Picture Motion

In this enlightening article, Wendy sheds light on how the roles of motherhood and career are not as far apart as our society makes them seem and gives practical advice on thriving in the chaos, boundaries and healthy self-expression.

Inside The Hostess | “Here You Go” by Valerie Gordon, Chef and Owner of Valerie’s Confections

In this piece, Valerie shares her story of starting Valerie’s Confections along with advice on gift giving—proving that gifts are a means of communication and expression that can improve the state of mind of both the giver and recipient.

Inside The Intellectual | “Eat, Thank, Think” by Mayim Bialik, Actress, Neuroscientist, and Author of Boying Up

You might know Mayim from “The Big Bang Theory,” but she’s also impressively a neuroscientist and author. In this essay, she gives wonderful insight on how making small shifts in our conscious awareness of food can have a huge impact on the way we eat, the way we think, and the way we feel.

Inside The Stylist | “Shopless” by Ashley Abercrombie 

After learning about the connection between human trafficking and commerce, Ashley decided to give up “mass shopping” for one year. In this piece she shares about the impact of this decision along with advice on how to still find ways to enjoy the hustle of getting a deal—like a perfect pair of jeans—at a slave-free store.

Inside The Confidant | Interview with Jaime Camil

You might know his eccentric character and melodic voice from “Jane The Virgin” or Pixar’s recent hit “Coco.” We sat down with this man who we affectionately call our “dream dad,” and learned many lessons from his example—the most important one being how to balance success and humility while always being aware of the well-being of those around us.

Inside The Beautician | Interview with Nià Pettitt

Nià Pettitt was a spokeswoman for natural, big hair for a long time before she realized that it was taking over her identity in a negative way. The story that you’ll read in this interview led to a dramatic turn in February of this year, when she planned, filmed, and photographed the cutting off of her beautiful locks. In this piece she gives valuable insights on body positivity and how our image connects to our identity.

Inside The Explorer | “This is Africa” by Jessica Nabongo

From fashion, to art, to food, Africa is having a renaissance as the rest of the world turns its sights towards the burgeoning continent. In this beautiful essay and photo story, Jessica shows us how Africa’s greatest asset is the diversity of its people, food and music.

Cover Image by Photography by Justin Wilczynski for Darling Issue No. 24


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