For some reason during the summer I get extra curious. Maybe it’s the days on the boat or the long warm dreamy nights, but I feel led to slow down, ask more questions, listen longer and expand my personal circle.

In creating the theme for our summer issue, “The Beauty of Diversity,” I was inspired by this Leo Tolstoy quote:

“I think… if it is true that
there are as many minds as there
are heads, then there are as many
kinds of love as there are hearts.”

Darling was founded upon the truth that beauty does not fit in a box, nor can it be narrowed to a singular definition. It cannot be harnessed, nor should it be. This is why I love this issue’s theme, as it clearly reflects the heart of our brand to be the host of the discussion that many aren’t brave enough to have. I hope the topics in this issue train your eyes to see new things, your ears to seek out new opinions and your hearts to be challenged while remaining unthreatened.

So I leave you with a quote from my Letter from the Editor:

“…There is a lot of talk these days about love saving the day, but let’s go beyond words, roll up our sleeves, make each other a meal and look one another in the eyes with defenses laid down, respect heightened and admiration at the head of the table. As we speak, let it be slowly, as we listen, let it be quick and as we change, let it be sincere.”

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Inside The Dreamer | “Silence, Stillness, Rest” by Lisa Gungor

A piece exploring the effect what we choose to meditate on has on our well-being and a call to action to each take time to learn to meditate on Zoe, a Greek word meaning “abundant life.” I’m excited because we are offering a Limited Edition Giving Key in our store with this word Zoe on it (now for sale on

Inside The Intellectual | “The Enemy Within” by Amelia Bethel


Right now all we seem to hear about in politics are our differences; but maybe we need to do more than just listen, we need to befriend. This is a challenging piece that is sure to cause personal growth in the best ways possible.

Inside The Hostess | An Interview with Chef Niki Nakayama


As an avid Chef’s Table fan, we were so excited to hear from Niki about the diversity inherent within her upbringing which translates to her food. She’s an incredible, honorable leader in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Inside The Achiever | “The Drowsy Lunch” by Emily Hibard



In today’s workplace, there seems to be an increasing pressure for women to drink in order to be “initiated” — Emily Hibard asks the questions that cause us to check our motivations before we order that extra cocktail at lunch.

Inside The Stylist | “Kicks, Kicks, Kicks” by Natalie Hemmati


If you love shoes, this is the story for you! A fun and seasonal look written by Darling’s Fashion Editor about how to chose shoes from day to night in the middle of the hottest time of year.

Inside The Confidant | An Interview with Leighton Meester


You might know her from “Gossip Girl,” but we talk way beyond the show to her new (very different!) role, motherhood, feminism and more.

Inside The Beautician | “Let Me Tell You A Story” by Troian Bellisario


With refreshing candor and considerable vulnerability, Troian Bellisario shares her story of walking with an eating disorder and how she overcame it, while introducing the theme of her upcoming summer film, Feed.

Inside The Explorer | “charity: water” by Lauren Letta


We always love our non-profit features, but there’s something extra special about an organization that called themselves charity: water because they believe one day that the water crisis will be solved, and they’re already making room for the next steps in reaching out.

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Cover Image by JUCO for Darling Issue No. 20

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