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Over a decade ago, the Darling movement began on a single piece of paper.

On it was written the mission statement, worded by myself and my friend Kelli Redfield, and it has been placed on the back of every magazine for the past 22 issues. It is the heartbeat of our company, the passion behind all we do.

For years we’ve been pioneering no retouching, celebrating the diversity of beauty and spearheading content that sits deeper than click-bait, changing women from the inside out. It’s been a wild ride.

The biggest thing I’ve learned in the past 10 years about leading a movement is that you can’t be afraid to pivot. You must hold the balance between timely and timeless. So, we have pivoted.

Below are a few exciting changes we have for you here at Darling. I wanted to share with you why we felt it was time to make them and hope you’ll be as inspired and encouraged by Darling as ever before.

1. A refreshed mission statement.

We have formed a freshened-up mission statement that shares the exact same heartfelt beliefs of its predecessor with one critical change: Instead of a statement about Darling, it’s now a sincere message to you.

Because you, dear reader, are the reason we created that mission statement in the first place.

You inspired us. In a polarizing climate, with change both good and bad crashing through our lives, it’s important that we all take the time to remember that: “Darling, you are a work of art.”

You’re a person, and you’re Darling.

2. A new logo paired with a logo mark comma.

Why the comma?

We believe that words are powerful—they are used to build up, to tear down, to debate, to shape—and they are sticky.

Since they hold such impact, we have to handle them carefully, all within thoughtful conversation. In the very beginning years we said, “Darling is like a letter from a friend,” and we are returning to just that sentiment and adding force to it. The comma is the spark, the invitation to conversation that we are sending out to each of you.

All-in-all, it’s a reminder that truth takes time, it takes relationship and it takes love.

3. New experiences.

We’re excited to announce The Live Magazine Experience (more details to come on social media!) and Wild Spaces.

Our world is moving at a faster speed than ever, but as humans, we have a fundamental need for connection with others face to face. We all know we want to walk in mindful intentionality and be transformed by our experiences, but how can we when every gathering is filled with camera flashes and constant social communication?

Our new initiatives will take away our phones, woo us outdoors and into experiential spaces and discussions that will disrupt all preconceived notions of what “gathering” looks like. We can’t wait to meet you there.

The Darling community is made up of unique, intelligent, inspiring individuals — each and every one. Creating content that both encourages and challenges that community to dig deeper and defy the status quo will always be central to what we do. We hope you’ll catch the vision for this new season of Darling.

With love,

Sarah Dubbeldam + The Darling Team

Images via Tony Li


  1. How exciting!!! I love the first sentence of the new mission statement “darling, you are a work of art..”. And the comma says so much, without, any words. The beginning of a conversation, a letter, a spark. The bold letters are beautiful, I can’t wait for issue 23 too come in the mail! I’m sure rebranding is scary but you nailed it again!!


  2. Sarah! I love love LOVE the rebrand! It’s so iconic! The comma, genius! Its so gentle and loving…like a friend IS saying it. BEAUTIFULLY written mission, I want that in a large decal format to put on my daughter’s wall. 🙂 xoxo love you all!

  3. So beautifully said. I love the Darling community and am thankful for the impact all of you have had on the way I view media. Congratulations on everything, I’m beyond excited to see where Darling goes as you continue to grow and pivot!

  4. Congratulations on the new issue and rebranding of your magazine! You should all be proud of how you kept the message stronger than ever, and staying true to what is important! It’s beautiful:)

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