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No matter where you look, you can find wellness advertised as something that is supposed to change your life. Brands slap the term across face masks, lotions and diets, all to make you feel like a stronger, healthier version of yourself. You may have tried your fair share of wellness products but struggled to sustain any difference.

Wellness is a fad. It’s trendy to try out new products or lifestyle changes, but it only helps you for the moment. Nothing about sparkly bath bombs or natural nail polish will benefit you in the long run. If you want long-term change, then you need to develop a better sense of well-being.

Wellness is a fad…but it only helps you for the moment.

Well-being is often confused with wellness. While the terms sound similar, they are very different. Once you understand this, you’ll learn how to make healthy, lasting changes in your life to get the results you want.

1. Get regular sleep.

You’re not going to feel rested or fulfilled if you’re not getting regular sleep. Even if you get the same five hours of sleep every night, your body will be out of whack until you get a healthier routine down. Try to establish a nightly schedule where you turn the lights out at least nine hours before your morning alarm. This gives your mind an hour to slow down and ease into sleep and still eight solid hours of rest to recharge.

2. Monitor your emotions.

No matter how practical you consider yourself to be, emotions drive everyone. They make you eat, laugh, cry and enjoy your day. Monitor your feelings so you can learn to regulate them by reminding yourself of the big picture and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

3. Practice mindfulness daily.

If you’ve never tried mindfulness before, then it’s time to start. It’s a practice where you pay attention to the present moment, without any judgment of yourself or the world around you. Try it when you first wake up or while you wait for the train. Set alarms to remind yourself. Check in on your emotional and mental state every day, multiple times a day.

4. Meditate.

Looking for something to give you long-term clarity? It may be time for you to learn how to meditate, which, according to studies by JAMA Internal Medicine, lowers stress and anxiety without costing you a dime. Hone your meditation skills so you can approach life with a clear perspective anytime, anywhere.

5. Move every day.

Most people would agree that getting active is good for your body, but don’t worry about becoming a marathon champion. As long as you move a little every day, you’ll reduce major health risks like depression, arthritis and even diabetes.

6. Fuel your body.

Skip the fad diets that hurt your health and fuel your body with proper nutrition instead by taking a second look at what you eat. Research healthy meal plans, learn what works best for your body and meet with a nutritionist for help with any specific dietary concerns.

7. Enjoy fulfilling relationships.

Before you begin a romantic relationship, get to know yourself and learn how you communicate. Once you have this confidence, you’ll be more likely to enjoy fulfilling long-term relationships.

8. Let go of frustrations.

Spending time with friends is one of the best ways to pass the time. Develop even better friendships by letting go of irritations and focusing on what matters in each relationship. Remind yourself why you love your friends. This way you can always focus on the positive and continually grow your friend group.

9. Build community.

It’s hard to feel like you’re on the right track in life if you don’t surround yourself with a community. Get involved in your school, job or city to meet more people. Enjoying tight connections makes you feel like you belong, which may be what you feel like you’re missing.

10. Find reasons to laugh.

You could try any or all of these tips and still forget that happiness is crucial to your well-being. Find reasons to laugh every day so you have lasting joy that doesn’t come from a fad or product.

Try these tips and see how they’ll enhance your well-being. Your happiness, health and mental state are just as important as feeling good after a flash diet or intense gym session. Make a goal to reflect on your progress after a few weeks or months to see how much progress you’ve made over time.

In what ways can you focus on your well-being? Are there any negative habits you can change?

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