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I have few moments in my life in which I feel I’ve outdone myself. Being a mom is one of them. It’s the one thing I think I faced in life without fear. I can’t recall the moment it hit me, realizing I was someone’s mother. Responsible for keeping someone alive and happy, alive most importantly. It all happened so effortlessly.

I didn’t read a bunch of books nor did I find myself a member of a multitude of mom groups. I looked at my daughter, and something clicked. I will be the first to admit that becoming a mom changed me. If you ask me, I was always destined to be a mom. Nothing made me happier than motherhood. 

Nothing made me happier than motherhood. 

Like most parents, I put a lot of thought into my daughters’ names. It would be with them for their entire lives. I wanted their names to be meaningful and strong but more importantly, I wanted them to be a reminder of where they came from, us. My husband and I agreed that they should have their own identities. Although they wouldn’t share the same name, they should share the same initials.

Before finding out the gender of our children, I had their middle names picked out. They are what most would consider masculine names, Ryan and Elles. If it turned out I was having girls, their middle names would remain the same. I wanted it to serve as a reminder to them that they were capable of doing anything their male counterparts could. Ryan means King and Elles means benevolent.

As they have grown, I have found that their middle names suit them perfectly. Maleeah Ryan is a strong-willed girl. She is sure of herself and takes pride in making decisions. She is centered and decisive. She creates and inspires creativity in others. Ainslee Elles is kind and always means well. She is an honest soul always seeing the good in others and creating a space where they feel seen and loved. The true definition of benevolent. 

I take so much pride in being a mom. It’s something I take joy in and never grow tired of. When I found the courage to finally follow my heart it only made sense that my eponymous business venture be named after my daughters. The two things I am most passionate about, motherhood and my business, should share something in common, a name.

I take so much pride in being a mom. It’s something I take joy in and never grow tired of.

In raising my daughters, I  hope I am pouring the best parts of myself into them so they can mature into amazing women. This is my hope for my business, RyanElles Interiors, as well, that it would grow into a strong driving force that makes a difference in so many people’s lives, from all different walks of life. I hope it inspires others to have the courage to build a table of their own when a seat isn’t available at the ones that already exist. My hope is for my daughters to grow into women that not only bring something to the table,  but I want them to be the table. 

What are some values you hope to instill into your children?

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