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A Note From The Editor:  We’re back sharing more content from FabFitFun. Today they’re offering up some wisdom on an age-old problem: Having nothing to wear. We like how they keep it simple and stress the importance of taking care of pieces that you already own and encourage you to get a little crafty. For more fashion, health and wellness articles, be sure to pay a visit to their magazine, too! 

We all wish that we had a personal stylist helping us get dressed and shop for outfits for us. However, only the rich and famous get to have a glam squad at their beck and call. Lucky for you we’ve come up with a few ways to make it look like you’re constantly reviving your wardrobe all the time without changing a thing.

Get ready to shop from your own closet.

1. Tailor it.

Yes, a visit to the tailor is one more thing to put on your to-do list, but it will make an incredible difference. Simply letting that blazer out that’s too tight or taking in the waist of those jeans you’ve had for years can make it look like you bought something new.

2. New color combinations.

Always wear black pants with a colored shirt? Reverse your style by wearing a bold color on the bottom with a neutral top.

3. Add a jacket.

Seriously, almost anything goes. Just make sure the jacket is a lighter fabric (think a blazer, jean jacket, cardigan etc.). This way, you can wear your look indoors and not overheat. As an extra bonus, you can now use your summer tops in the winter, too.

4. Layer shirts.

If you own a sleeveless top or a crop top, you are in luck! Simply layer it over a white button-up shirt or a basic long-sleeved shirt to create an entirely different look. Now you can rock that crop top in places where it might not have been appropriate before this little makeover.

5. Add a big belt.

A belt will help define your waist (which is always a good thing), because it brings the attention to one of the smallest parts of your body. A big belt on top of a shirt will act as a bold accessory, but over a high-waited skirt, it gives the illusion that your two-piece ensemble is a dress.

10 Ways to Make an Old Outfit Look New | DARLING x Fab Fit Fun

6. Color blocking.

You read about it in all the magazines and now is the time to try it. All you have to do is choose two items that are different shades of one color. For example, if you have navy pants, pair them with a sky blue top. For a more vibrant look, match a yellow top with a mustard skirt.

7. Change the buttons.

This involves some small alterations to a garment, but it is easy enough to do yourself. Any fabric store will have a selection of buttons for you to choose from. If you’re overhauling a basic white blazer, you can add some colored buttons for a little fun. No one will know it’s the same blazer that you bought from the store!

8. Different seasons.

Don’t put away your sundresses just yet! In the fall and early spring, wear them with ankle booties and a cardigan, and in the winter add tights and tall boots. And voila, you’ve got a different outfit for all four seasons that uses the exact same dress!

9. Add a scarf.

This option is more than just adding an accessory. For example, if you have a v-neck shirt with embellishments around the neckline, adding a scarf will hide those elements to make it look like you’re wearing a totally different shirt.

10. Mix your prints.

If you always wear the same printed skirt with a plain shirt, mix it up. Choose a patterned shirt that matches at least one shade in the skirt. It doesn’t matter that the other colors aren’t the same. If one of the prints is pretty small, go ahead and treat it like a neutral, which means you can pair it with anything!

Is there a way you like to get “double-duty” out of your outfits?

Images via Michael Giroux, featuring model Rachel McMillan


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