Nashville, Tennessee is the center of the music industry where budding artists and professional musicians alike often share the same stage. It’s a place that fosters support for the arts, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a collaborative and highly creative fashion community has been quickly growing in the heart of this city.

PopNod and Nashville-based singer-songwriter Leah Edwards have recently launched Good City Guide, beginning with Music City itself. The following helps discover several innovative makers and designers that are the soul of Nashville, along with products that have global impact. Here are the top 11 picks of cultural trailblazers and local pioneers that are shifting the way we do and think in the city of music:

1. Nisolo

Nisolo is a disruptive, socially conscious fashion company creating value for consumers and producers in the fashion space through the design, manufacturing, and direct-distribution of handmade leather shoes, accessories, and select apparel goods.
Store: 1803 9th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

Shutters and Shuttles
Shutters & Shuttles

2. Shutters & Shuttles 

Shutters & Shuttles is a textile design and production studio that offers a small collection of products, both home goods and accessories, made from textiles designed and woven in-house. Their focus is creating American made fabric woven from only natural materials that is unlike anything that can be mass produced, and making them available to anyone.
Studio: 2517 Eugenia Ave, Suite 203, Nashville, TN 37211. Open by appointment.

3. Consider the Wldflwrs

Consider the Wldflwrs is a jewelry line handcrafted in Nashville, TN which seeks to discover wild beauty through the exploration of craft. They believe that in exploring our creativity through craft and getting lost in art, we catch a glimpse of grace. As they continue to grow their jewelry line and host wildflower workshops, they hope to pass on this passion for craft and simplicity.
Studio: 2410B Cruzen Street, Nashville, TN 37211

People Like Art


PEOPLE LIKE ART is a women’s apparel brand designed and manufactured in Nashville, TN. They combine their signature hand painted prints with minimalist silhouettes for modern, wearable clothing with an artistic style. Open studio on the first Saturday of every month.
Studio: 209 S 17th St., Nashville, TN 37206

5. Elizabeth Suzann

Elizabeth Suzann is a young design and manufacturing company, producing a line of elegant, utilitarian women’s clothing from its hybrid production facility and design studio in Nashville, TN. Through its business model, Elizabeth Suzann challenges traditional fashion norms and aims to return to the days of cottage industry-style manufacturing and capsule wardrobes with intentional, well-designed, and seasonless pieces.
Showroom: 441 Atlas Drive, Nashville, TN 37211. Open by appointment.

branded collective
BRANDED Collective

6. BRANDED Collective

The BRANDED Collective employs survivors of human trafficking from Nashville-based non-profit End Slavery Tennessee. The women work with local artisans to design and handcraft the jewelry collection. 25% of the profits go to the rescue and restoration of survivors.

7. Han Starnes

Han Starnes is a contemporary womenswear company born in New Zealand. Now based in the United States, the entire collection is designed from wool, cotton and silk and produced with quality and sustainability in mind at namesake designer Han Starnes’ studio in Nashville, Tennessee. They believe that the objects we choose to surround ourselves with and the clothes we wear matter, and thus they care deeply about the materials our garments are made of and how they’re produced.

8. Fanny and June

Fanny and June designs limited run and custom hats, made by hand in Nashville, TN, using couture techniques.

9. Whistle Punk Grooming

Whistle Punk Mens Grooming Co. offers fine men’s grooming products made in small batches with organic ingredients in Nashville, TN.

10. Peter Nappi

Designed in Nashville and handmade in Tuscany, Peter Nappi premium leather footwear and goods are a distinctive blend of Italian heritage and American personality. They believe authentic character is cultivated over a lifetime, and they design with that in mind: their pieces are meant to be both loved and lived in, wearing beautifully with time and age as they take on the signs of a life well-travelled.
Studio: 1308 Adams St, Nashville, TN 37208

jamie and the jones
Jamie + the Jones

11. Jamie + the Jones

Jamie + the Jones embraces the concept of collaboration and modernizes traditional textile techniques such as fabric marbling and dyeing. They create wearable art with each textile manipulated garment, leading to distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces that are paired with textured and structured basics. Every garment is produced in Nashville, TN.
Studio: 2517 Eugenia Ave, Suite 203, Nashville, TN 37211. Open by appointment

Know of other Nashville brands that should be on this list? Share in the comments!

Top image via Consider the Wldflwrs



  1. Emil Erwin, Judith Bright, Freshie & Zero, m.florita jewelry and Imogene & Willie are my local favorites and worth checking out. They have been leaders in the handmade movement in Nashville from the beginning. They helped make Nashville ‘IT’ city.

    1. Many thanks Abigail! We actually “bumped” into Emil Erwin’s studio and store during our last visit to Nashville, and instantly fell in love with it! They are featured in our Nashville Good City Guide ( We’re thrilled to hear that there’s such a thriving handmade community in Nashville. We’ll check out the others you mentioned!

    1. Thanks Kelsey! We’ve heard so many good things about Imogene & Willie! We’ll need to check out Ceri Hoover, Ona Rex, and Henri Rose. fashionABLE is also one of our favorites and can be found in our Nashville Good City Guide!

  2. Thank you for sharing this list. Glen & Effie is also a wonderful brand. They craft unique pieces of jewelry out of vintage items.

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