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Music can help people process hard things like  grief, overwhelm or loneliness. The Darling playlist series was created to help you during this time of quarantine. We hope to use music to bring you a little hope today.

Whether I am driving, getting ready, going on a walk, riding my bike, cooking a meal, baking a treat or working, music is always in the background. There is a playlist blaring in the background most times of my day.

In college, during study sessions, I could only listen to classical music or film scores. Anything with words threw off my concentration. On a sunny day, a slow, moody playlist wouldn’t suffice. I had to listen to something upbeat and fun. My music library is littered with playlists that were created for specific moods, days, seasons and activities. They are named things like “Making Pizza!” and “Cafe in Paris” (where I have never been for longer than a layover) and “Sunshine and Pineapple.” I truly believe in a playlist for everything.

Like many people, I’ve been working from home throughout quarantine. In the first few days, I realized the vibe and the songs I once listened to while I sat in my office don’t inspire creativity or motivate me at home. Instead, I found myself feeling the exact opposite. I didn’t feel like doing anything but lying around. I felt like I had no energy for the things I wanted or needed to do.

I soon realized I needed a new playlist for these uncertain times. While the unknown can be difficult, my hope is that these songs inspire your creativity, kickstart your motivation and help you make it through each day.

You can also find this playlist on Darling’s Spotify here.

Where I’m From —  Colony House

Fair-Weather Friend — Bruno Major

Painter Song — Norah Jones

Arrival of the Birds — The Cinematic Orchestra

golden hour — hiyasu

Amsterdam — Wes Pendleton

Sunset Lover — Petit Biscuit

Late Morning Lullaby — Brandi Carlile

My Thoughts on You — The Band CAMINO

Clouds — Hunter G.K. Thompson

Brothers — Penny and Sparrow

Any Given Sunday — The Tuesday Crew

Stella by Starlight — Joe Lovano

5:32 pm — The Deli

Morocco — Moon Taxi

Liminal — Towers

Harvest Moon —Neil Young

Good Things Fall Apart — ILLENIUM with Jon Bellion

Butterflies — Kacey Musgraves

Outside Interlude — Surfaces

What are some songs that help you get into creative mode? Is your creativity playlist more update or mellow?

Image via Ben Cope, Darling Issue No. 16

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