The inner voice. The one that narrates and ponders and analyzes and dreams. It’s always there, guiding us through life and moving us along. And – like we’ve all heard before – it has tremendous power to shape our lives, depending on what we feed it.

While we’re aware how negative thoughts breed negative self-image, what about the thoughts that aren’t so easy to categorize as either negative or positive? What happens when our inner voices are littered with questions?

Is this dress flattering? Can I pull off this color? Would I look foolish if I tried something new?

While innocent enough, little question marks invite messages of self-doubt to creep in. Tiny inquiries cause us to pause for only a second as we measure ourselves against an ideal we hold in our heads, whether it’s a standard of beauty, of intellect or of character. Second-guessing ourselves on the small things can give way to lurking self-doubt on larger issues: Am I capable? Am I valuable?

Yet, there’s a simple trick you can master – one that can spark inspiration and confidence.


Simply make a decision and silence the uncertainty. Decide that you do look good in that dress. That you’re absolutely rocking that lipstick. It’s a quiet shift, but it’s one that can color every aspect of your life. Simple confidence is easy magic – it’s the most important tool to have in your arsenal.

 Simple confidence is easy magic – it’s the most important tool to have in your arsenal.

Your decision may not be quick. It also might be one you have to make at the start of each morning. But don’t be discouraged – keep choosing. Your answer won’t always be ‘yes,’ but that doesn’t mean you will always say ‘no.’ Decide that you’re qualified. Decide that you’re interesting. Decide that you’re enough.

With your decisions on your side, who can pull you down? Opinions and hesitations from those who don’t value you will start to fall away; you’re relying on yourself now for permission to move forward and conquer your next task.

So, decide to take a leap. A quiet belief that you can is the only push you need.

What do you need to decide today?

Image via Kat Bortchart for Darling Issue No. 19



  1. I love how simple and powerful this is! I am guilty of second-guessing and over-questioning myself on just about everything. There are so many options and possibilities that it can make it difficult to just DECIDE, but it really is just that simple. Just decide and things will work out how they are supposed to.

      1. Avery, I loved your comments on making a decision! Very powerful as we are all enough! As far as the perfect Chapstick, I am allergic to about everything and cannot live without the basic Burt’s Bees! Thank you for calming my anxious mind tonight.

  2. This is such a strong article, and I needed to hear it today. Making decisions really isn’t my strong suit, but I am getting better! Last year, I made the decision to move from Hawaii to the East Coast for a job, and at first I was terrified that I was making the wrong decision, a mistake. But it has easily been the BEST decision I’ve ever made, and it’s all because I believed in myself. It’s a great feeling.

    Thank you for this!

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