While the causes of depression vary widely from individual to individual, for us here at Darling, we’ve seen the devastating role the media can play when it comes to body shame, comparison and the never-ending chase of perfection that often precedes depressive episodes. When we’re constantly told we’re lacking something, that we’re not good enough and need to look like everyone else (especially when “everyone else” is a digitally-altered image), the dark clouds can all-too-easily roll in.

We don’t just want to shed light on this conversation, but change it entirely. That’s why we’re committed to partnering with brands spearheading a new kind of media, like Aerie. They’re the first brand of its kind to ban Photoshopped images of their models, championing a new way forward because real = beautiful.

Companies like Aerie are making it possible for women to retrain how the mind perceives beauty and to recognize it in themselves. So, in honor of World Health Day, below are five ways to prioritize a healthy body image and find gratitude in the mirror. Try these out on a day when you might be tempted to find fault where it was never intended to exist.

1. Thank you Legs, for being just the right length to support my frame and providing the strength to move me to new places.

2. Thank you Skin, for covering my bones and serving as a living shield against germs and illness.

3. Thank you Lungs, for your tireless cycle of expand and contract to enrich my blood with the oxygen I need.

4. Thank you Eyes, for knowing how to precisely focus the light to send images to my brain.

5. Thank you Hands, for the ability to hold someone else’s.

What can you thank your body for today?

This post is brought to you by Darling partner, Aerie. We’re proud to partner with brands that strive to create better, more realistic media for women. All thoughts and opinions remain Darling’s own.

Un-retouched Image provided by Aerie


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  1. The simplicity of these self affirmations go suuuuch a long way! And they’re not superficial. You can’t deny them! I looove speaking life, encouragement and love over my body and always feel a guaranteed difference. Thank you soo much for writing this!

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