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From last-minute road trips off the beaten path to meticulously-planned jaunts overseas, packing our bags for our next big adventure is one of the more exciting aspects of traveling. Often, we toss a myriad of toiletries and goods into our suitcases or backpacks in an attempt to plan for every possible travel situation: delayed flights, long layovers and Airbnbs without the essentials. You name it and you’ve probably packed for it.

But are the items we tuck away in our luggage good for both ourselves and the planet? Or are they nothing more than convenient go-to’s?

In an effort to live more slowly — and perhaps more kindly towards our bodies and the Earth — a few green beauty essentials could make our wanderings a little more eco-friendly. And who doesn’t love looking and feeling good while minimizing our impact on the planet? We can satisfy our wanderlust without sacrificing those items we simply can’t travel without.

The next time you embark on an adventure, give these green beauty essentials a try:

1. Dental Powder

comme co paste

A travel-friendly tooth powder perfect for any adventure,’s whitening and remineralizing dental powder is crafted with bentonite clay and activated charcoal that work together to cleanse the teeth and keep bacteria at bay, while organic cinnamon and clove powder ensure your breath is fresh to death. The best part? Each pouch of powder is small enough to fit into even the tiniest of dopp kits or toiletry bags.

2. Lemon Light Hydrosol – Wildcare

lemon lite

Distilled, organic lemons are the key ingredient to this refreshing hydrosol packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants perfect for skin distressed by extended travel. Toss it in your carry-on or keep it on hand in your travel pack for a quick pick-me-up when your adventures leave you feeling burnt out and in need of a refresh!

3. Sleep Mask – Earthen Warrior

earthen warrior

Plant-dyed silks and repurposed cashmere are used to make unique yet playful sleep masks you can take on your travels to help get the night’s rest — or mid-flight nap — you need. Handmade in NYC, these 100% silk masks let you sleep in style for a slumber you can feel good about.

4. Beauty Dust – Moon Juice

beaut dust

Keep your skin glowing and your hair lustrous while you travel with Beauty Dust, an adaptogen formula from Moon Juice you can take with you on the go. Crafted using a unique blend of organic botanicals for healthy skin and hair, you can mix the Beauty Dust with water, tea or coffee for a quick go-to beauty formula made of just five natural ingredients.

5. Yoni Duster – Fat and the Moon

yoni duster

For all of us ladies out there who have ever had to forego showers while camping, road tripping or hours spent in airports during layovers, the Yoni Duster from Fat and the Moon will keep you feeling fresh and clean when the chance to shower is out of reach. Made with antimicrobial herbs and moisture-absorbing white clay, this gentle dust is the perfect alternative to perfumed wipes or sprays and makes a wonderful travel companion for any adventurous woman.

6. Eco Cotton Rounds – S.W. Basics

cotton rounds

Ditch the cotton balls and pads for these reusable cotton rounds from S.W. Basics. Simple to use and eco-friendly to boot, these GOTS-certified Organic, unbleached cotton rounds can be used to apply skincare products or remove makeup and are both washable and reusable for a more sustainable, travel-friendly option.

7. Mermaid Dry Shampoo – Captain Blankenship

dry shampoo

It’s no secret that traveling can leave us feeling dull and in a need of a good wash — especially when it comes to our hair. But when there’s simply no time to give our tresses a thorough cleaning, dry shampoo is our secret weapon. Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Dry Shampoo not only smells divine, but effectively absorbs oil and mattifies greasy hair to keep your locks looking and feeling as fresh as the day you washed them. It’s crafted without harsh preservatives or artificial ingredients and will leave you smelling as though you showered in a sea of Rose Geranium and Palmarosa.

8. Wildwood Flower Moisturizer – Wooden Spoon Herbs


Whether soaking up the sun in a tropical destination or trekking across Europe is your thing, a good moisturizer made with local ingredients and skin-softening oils is a must in virtually any travel bag. Wooden Spoon Herbs crafts a subtly-scented, floral moisturizer using local beeswax, seasonal wildflowers and aloe vera gel for a cream that will keep your skin soft and supple without the addition of artificial chemical, fragrances or colorants. It’s travel-friendly size is wonderful for beach bags and backpacks alike.

Do you have any eco-friendly travel secrets?

Feature Image via Esther Baseme

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