An sky view of a small town road with mountains in the distance

a sunny day

give me a sunny day
and I’ll return with a few poems
spontaneous dancing, genius ideas

a few day dreams and four or five new freckles

give me a sunny day
and I’ll know it’s all going to be OK
I’ll put my seeds outside
and smile at those passing by,
also in need of a sunny day

writing poetry always feels productive
dancing reminds that purpose
and meaning is found
in breathing and moving

not always forward, but sometimes side to

chasing light, scheduled golden hour
meetings arranged with sunset.

give me a sunny day
and I’ll make sure my calendar is clear
so I may indeed be free

free in spirit,
free to dream

and melt slowly with the sun

like summertime ice cream
drops of sweetness making fingers sticky

give me a sunny day
so these clouds and rainy days

might make sense with springtime’s bloom

Image via José León, Darling Issue No. 16

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