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Maybe we’re late to the game, but facial mists have been changing it up for us lately when it comes to skincare. What used to seem like an unnecessary splash in the face (largely due to not understanding when or how facial mists should be applied), is now a non-negotiable when washing our face, traveling or simply getting through a day in the sweat-zone that is this summer.

Here’s the trick: Think of facial mists as better, non-drying toners in addition to an afternoon refresh. Mists boost your skin’s hydration and brightness, plus work to add an extra layer of prep so that moisturizers, serums or creams can act more effectively. (They’re just dream products, honestly.)

After washing your face, spritz a mist 3-4 times onto clean skin and gently pat in with your fingers — no need to rub with a pad or towel. Let your skin rest for a minute or so to absorb, then continue with any other products.

We polled the Darling staff for the team’s “tried ’em and love ’em” facial mists. The below are 12 of our picks + thoughts!

facial mist round up

1. May Lindstrom Botanical Facial Mist (Jasmine Garden) $70 | “DREAMIEST smelling thing you will ever spray on your face…and it was so calming.”

2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray $7 | “A budget-friendly option that works well to hydrate and soothe.”

3. Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence $68 | “It’s pricey, but I’ve never used anything like it. The floral smell is natural and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin. Addicted.”

4. Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist $17 | “Smells great! I have really dry skin so this makes it feel moist and fresh and it’s good for setting makeup.”

5. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Face Mist $32 | “Just smells light and fresh and it’s a really good pick me up!”

6. Palermo Hydrating Facial Toner $44 | “Love the calming witch hazel and chamomile in this. Use it morning and night.”

7. January Labs Restorative Tonic Mist $24 | “So moisturizing! I spritz this on after hot yoga and never fail to get a compliment or question about it.”

8. Fig+Yarrow Complexion Water (Rose/Sandalwood/Neroli)  $42 | “Super calming and I love the delicate fragrance. Also, the spray-to-product ratio is perfectly proportioned so you never feel like you’re wasting it.”

9. Caudalie Beauty Elixir $49 | “A classic, stand-out refresher that tingles, tightens and is an all-around great pick-me-up.”

10. True Botanicals Hydrating Mist $22 | “Legitimately delicious. Perfect for everyday and it’s actually affordable for being organic.”

11. Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist $48 | “Moisturizing and gives a nice subtle glow. Also easy on sensitive skin!”

12. Ursa Major Essential Face Tonic Spray $14 | “It’s like a burst of fresh air. It’s also a 4-in-1 that magically cleanses, exfoliates, heals and hydrates — great for travel.”

Are you a facial mist fan? Which ones have you tried?

Feature Image via Emily Benzinger


  1. Ah, you made my morning to see the Jasmine Garden pop up here!! Thanks for the love and kind words team Darling! Likewise, we are big fans of our neighbors and the Darling movement. Xo

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