Need something beyond that egg and toast? Us too. With breakfast being one of our favorite meals of the day, we’re loving this list from our friends at Chalkboard Mag. They always take food to the healthiest next level, but this time they’ve upped the beauty factor to boot. Read, recreate and feast below!

If breakfast cupcakes and neon overnight oats don’t have you at hello, we don’t know how to help you. We’re sprinting out of slumber just to get out hands on these pretty breakfast recipes… We can hardly sleep at night knowing there are overnight oats in the fridge. Feel the same? Here are our top twelve drool-worthy ideas for pretty breakfasts that’ll get you out of bed.

Whether you’ve no time to kill between waking and working or are planning a full weekend brunch spread, there’s something healthy, filling, pretty and sweet here for everyone. Try everything and let us know which ones stick in your monthly rotation!

1. Gluten-Free Breakfast Cupcakes

Dessert for breakfast? There’s no better way to start the day. Make these pretty little things the night before, and indulge with something warm and cozy, like an almond milk latte. Make here.

Image via 8th and Lake
Image via 8th and Lake

2. Papaya Strawberry Coconut Yogurt Parfait

Have you ever looked at breathtaking sunrise, wishing you could stick it in a jar and enjoy again without the early AM wake-up call? This gorgeous, fruity vegan parfait is basically that, and only takes five minutes to make. Make here.

3. Blackberry Overnight Oats

It can be hard enough to get moving in the morning, never mind eat well; these pretty, neon pink overnight oats are prepped in advance, aka ready to roll whenever you are. Make here.

4. Chai-Spiced Coconut Smoothie Bowl

A smoothie bowl is an easy way to get a dose of serious nutrition first thing in the morning. It’s also the perfect vessel for displaying fresh fruits from a recent farmers market excursion, and working all the Insta-worthy food styling genius you’ve been waiting to whip out. Make here.

Image via TinyTine21
Image via TinyTine21

5. Strawberry Coconut Yogurt Nice Ice Cream

Pretty pastel bowls full of tiny berries and coconut yogurt are what keep us coming back to the  Instagrammer behind them. This one is a fave. Make here.

6. Quinoa Crust Breakfast Pizza

Few things are as pretty as a rainbow pile of fresh veggies. In this recipe, they’re the nourishing topping for a totally clean breakfast pizza. Need we say more? Make here.

7. Egg In The Hole With Wild Mushrooms

We love the look of a perfectly cooked egg, and this one looks a lot like art. Reserve this recipe for a lazy weekend morning that may require a little extra umph to get going. Make here.

ginger pankcakes
Image via Madeline Lu

8. Gluten-Free Ginger Pancakes

A stack of pancakes is the quintessential picture-perfect breakfast. Gluten-free and full of fiber, we can commit to a pile of these babies and feel good about it later when we’re still satisfied and full. Make here.

9. Seasonal Chia Pudding Cups

Pretty nutritious and so easy to make, these chia seed pudding parfaits are our secret weapons to get our butts out of bed and start the day feeling fabulous, guaranteed. Make here.

10. Rolled Oats With Blueberry-Maple Compote

Gloomy days, meet your match: We’re drooling over (and dreaming about) this ultra-cozy recipe from 26 Grains, a hygge-inspired London restaurant with a knack for pretty porridge. Make here.

avo toast
Image via Megan Converse

11. Avocado Toast A Million Ways

The most classic. We all have our go-to avocado toast technique, but switching up the toppings makes for an easy, pretty and fun breakfast endeavor. Make here.

12. Raw Buckwheat + Blueberry Bowl

Upgrade your grain game with this buckwheat bowl. Similar to overnight oats, this hearty whole grain breakfast is beautiful, flavorful and perfectly filling. Make here.

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Feature Image via Brunch Pants



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