Building the closet you want can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you don’t know where to start. I’ve spent years making impulsive shopping decisions that have led to a closet full of clothes I’ve only worn a handful of times.

The first steps in building a versatile closet are to determine what you own, why you own it, and how it will meet your day-to-day needs.

1. Take stock of your wardrobe.

Before deciding to update your closet, take stock of your current wardrobe by paying close attention to the items you love and the items you don’t wear anymore. Identifying why you don’t wear certain garments will help you figure out your true style, which is often where style meets functionality. That expensive couture dress may not get too much use if you like to be comfortable most of the time.

versatile closet dress

2. Do you have wardrobe essentials?

Wardrobe essentials are the versatile garments you can wear multiple times a week. Without these essentials, your closet won’t have the foundation for easy go-to outfits. My wardrobe essentials include a comfortable oversized dress, chambray button down, and skinny jeans.

3. Make intentional clothing purchases.

Once you’ve taken a good look at your closet, write a list of items you would like to buy based on your newly defined style. The secret to having a functional and versatile closet is to be intentional with your clothing purchases to determine if what you want is also something you need.

Make sure you are looking for functionality, versatility, and quality. You can determine that by asking yourself the following three questions:

  1. Does it fit my day-to-day lifestyle?
  2. Can I wear it with at least 3 different outfits?
  3. Does it spark joy?

sotela dress

The first two questions help you choose timeless pieces that are also versatile. If you can’t think of at least three outfits with the item you want to buy, it will hardly be worn. The last question is my favorite because asking myself if it sparks joy makes me appreciate each garment I purchase. I especially pay attention to quality and if it was made in responsible factories. Purchasing quality clothing is always worth the investment. If it doesn’t spark joy, I simply don’t buy it.

These steps will help you curate the closet of your dreams with quality and versatile items you will wear more than once.

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