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While we’re still at home in quarantine, we finally have time to focus on ourselves and our needs. Self-care has taken on a whole new meaning when your daily routine consists of: wake up, work from home and then go to sleep.

It’s an ongoing cycle of repetition that can take a toll on your mind and body, but it also gives you the opportunity to find ways to make yourself happy during this difficult time. One thing a lot of people are turning to are cost-friendly beauty and skincare routines, myself included. Since quarantine began, I’ve definitely become more frugal with my spending and more strict with what ingredients I put on my skin each day. 

Insider’s tip: You can have your own upscale beauty routine right at home with what’s on your counter or in your fridge. (Yes, I said fridge too.) There’s always a way to get clear skin with at-home products. You just have to know what you’re doing. 

You can have your own upscale beauty routine right at home with what’s on your counter or in your fridge.

Here are a few cost-effective, at-home beauty practices that I use to keep my skin fresh and clean:

Use what’s on your counter. 

Why look into new face moisturizers when you probably have something in your pantry? Olive oil and coconut oil are simple ways to cleanse your face without breaking the bank. Olive oil helps revitalize skin and neutralize free radicals that damage the skin, and coconut oil helps reduce inflammation and reduces acne.

The best thing about these natural, everyday oils is that you also use them for cooking. Multi-use oils like these are a great way to save money. If you want to take it a step further, you can also apply these oils to your hair, a popular beauty regimen many women and men use to keep their hair healthy and moisturized (especially during the winter).

Decrease skin puffiness with an ice cube.

You don’t need to purchase a jade roller to get rid of morning puffiness and dark circles. You can start your morning off by rubbing an ice cube across your face to depuff your face. Make sure you don’t keep the ice cube on your face for too long! This is the oldest trick in the book, and it’s free if you have an ice cube maker.

Use your brown sugar as a lip scrub.

Dry lips? The cooler weather is creeping in, and with it comes the season of dry and chapped lips. Brown sugar is the perfect way to exfoliate your lips to get rid of dry skin. Take it to the next level and mix it with some olive oil. Exfoliate your skin to treat acne and “maskne” (aka acne from your quarantine mask).

What at-home beauty routines have you developed throughout quarantine? What are some ingredients in your kitchen pantry that also benefit your skin?

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