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Earlier today we released our savers gift guide with gift ideas for under $50. We don’t want to forget about those wish lists and splurges out there either, so below are our picks if you’re able to be extra generous with some shopping this year.




Menagerie Bookend Brown Lion | $68

Forget the nursery, can we keep this adorable guy for ourselves? Made of faux-leather and weighted to prevent books from falling over, this lion is part of a whole collection we want to keep our books — and childlike imagination — firmly in place.

Louise Gray Throw Quilt No. 8 | $410

You might think this quilt is a work of art (and you’d be completely right, as you can also hang it on the wall), but it’s also the perfect addition for a late-night heart to heart with your BFF. Made of 100% cotton and linen fabric, Louise Gray quilts are handmade by local artists in Minnesota. As beautiful as they are, guess what? They’re also machine washable. (!)

L:A BRUKET Dog Shampoo | $38

Because your other best four-pawed friend deserves a splurge or two, try out this all-natural and organic tea tree, lime and mint shampoo. Suds will deodorize, anti-bacterialize, and soothe your favorite furball, ensuring they look prim and proper for the family Christmas pic.



Faculty Department | $75

A photography book that actually does what the best photographs do: give us a glimpse of someone else’s eye. In this book, photographer Justin Chung takes us inside the lives of noteworthy individuals by granting us a look at their routine, workspaces, or simply a frozen moment in time.

The Kiss Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle | $115

Fancy a puzzle with that eggnog? Try this beautiful depiction of Klimpt’s The Kiss, made up of 400 pieces that come enclosed in a cotton bag for easy storage. Made out of wood, this is one game that you won’t mind seeing scattered all over the kitchen table, regardless if complete or not.

23andMe Genetic Ancestry Kit | $99+

You think you know, but do you really have any idea? 23andMe analyzes your spit (you read that right) to genotype your DNA and tell you everything from your genetic composition, Neanderthal ancestry and haplogroups to even wellness reports on carrier genes and whether or not you’re lactose intolerant.



Local + Lejos 3’x5′ Veracruz Rug | $350

We love Local + Lejos because it seeks to connect consumer with maker, helping the world by bringing it right to your doorstep. The Veracruz rug is a favorite because of its warm, neutral tones, and also because it’s been handmade by Weavers of Teotitlán del Valle. Every purchase of a Veracruz rug also provides one month of school for a child.

Stephen Kenn Quiet Solitude Kit | $850

Perfect for a quiet winter’s night, this “kit” pulls out all the stops. Tucked inside a Stephen Kenn cognac leather tote, you’ll find a wool throw from Faribault Woolen Mills, the Idyllwild candle from Norden Goods, Bourbon Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds from Milla Chocolates, a tea infuser with five of August Uncommon‘s unique organic teas, and notecard from Well Received. The solace is strong with this one.

Wilder California’s Winter White No. 1 – 20×24 | $150

Because we’re based in LA, we may be partial to the magic mystery of the desert, how it captures our imagination and stirs up the spirit. But even if you’re not in southern California, maybe the cold weather has got you dreaming of the desert regardless, and Wilder’s Winter White collection is a great place to wander. We love how effortlessly these prints pair with any decor, while also standing out totally on their own. They’re perfect addition to any creative space.



Citizen Drive Watch | $250

A classic watch polishes off any look, especially at the office, and this Citizen timepiece is a win for many reasons. One, we love the Milanese mesh band that’s an interesting, subtle element you’re not expecting. Two, the watch face is noticable without being too large, meaning you won’t worry about clanging it around on every hard surface. Three, it’s powered by light! With any style in their eco-Drive line, you’ll never have to change a watch battery (or check your phone for the time) again.

The Parker Clay Tote | $145

The Parker Clay Tote is the perfect everyday bag. The leather smells as good as it looks and feels, plus, it’s the ideal size to bring your laptop along to compliment your everyday “cruising around town” attire. As we’ve raved about before, Parker Clay is a sustainable company that gives jobs to women coming out of human-trafficking in Ethiopia. Total Achievers in our book.

Nancy Pearce Bronze Espresso Cup | $280

So you can’t actually drink out of this little cup and saucer, but you wouldn’t want to anyway. We think this objet d’art would be perfect to perch on a desk or office shelf, reminding those hard workers out there to go for the gold (orrr bronze) and thank the many espresso cups that get us there.



Grown Alchemist Hand Wash & Lotion Duo | $60

Yummy and lux, this set of hand wash and hand lotion will instantly glam up any bathroom, leaving you looking for reasons to constantly wash your hands. (Which, in cold and flu season, isn’t half bad!)

Hedgehouse Throwbed | $378

Unexpected company or a cozy night around the fire? This throwbed is exactly what you need and exactly what it sounds like: a pillow-like blanket that creates instant comfort wherever it’s stuffed. These are made in the USA with linen, filled with a lightweight inner layer and are completely washable, so nap wherever and on whatever you please.

Love 41 Leather Canister Set | $99

Technically, this is an organizer set of three leather containers for your desk. But we just love the look of a little potted succulent inside and think these would be great adorning a dining room table, window sill, even a bathroom vanity. And, they’re made by Love 41, a company that gives 100% of its profits back to educating, job training and feeding the underpriviledged in Africa and beyond. Win x3.



Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum | $185

Don’t give up on your skin just yet, at least until you’ve tried this powerhouse of a super serum containing 22 of the world’s best oils to treat, heal and correct skin on a foundational level. Founder April Gargiulo has taken her experience in wine-making, meticulously sourcing the best ingredients, and translated that to this organic serum that women everywhere can’t stop gushing about. (Ps. Learn more about April’s career in an interview coming to the blog next month!)

The Year of Wellness Box | $60/mo.

If you or someone you know has a new year goal of going natural (or at least, getting more educated about what things like oil-pulling entail), then this is the place to start. LEAFtv‘s Geri Hirsch and Erin Falconer have put together a year-long wellness program that sends you a themed box each month with luxury products meant to detoxify, heal and simplify your life. Consider it a decided step toward some monthly self-care.

Big Berkey® Water Filtration System | $263

Say goodbye to plastic bottles and questionable tap water. For about two cents a gallon, the Big Berkey® system incredibly removes viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, unhealthy contaminants and impurities in tap water to below detectable levels, while leaving in most of the essential minerals that your body needs. There’s no doubt that we’re saving up for this one.



Mayde Turkish Towel | $60+

A towel? A blanket? A scarf? A hair wrap? They’re all one and the same when it comes to Mayde’s impressive collection of Turkish towels. Each one is designed in Australia and made in Turkey to be luxuriously soft, super absorbant and some are even Shibori-dyed to be one of a kind.

Cuyana Jewelry Case | $115

Cuyana’s motto is fewer, better, which hits on a theme we’ve been feeling all year. We don’t just want to spend our money, we want to invest it, and anything from Cuyana certainly makes you feel as though you’ve purchased something to be treasured for years to come. This jewelry case is no exception, minimally designed with an inside pocket and bands for rings and earrings, we couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to keep our precious (or costume) gems.

Vrai & Oro 14k Gold Bar Necklace w/ Diamond | $350

We love the simple elegance of this necklace, a gold bar (available in yellow, white or rose) dotted by one diamond. We also appreciate the idea of engraving it with something special: a name, a date, a word, or location coordinates. Vrai & Oro manufactures in LA and operates on the values of quality, simplicity, and transparency, three other marks of simple elegance to us.




CALPAK Midnight Marble Astyll Suitcase Collection | $125 – $365

Breeze through the terminal with this lightweight marbleized luggage that’s available as a single carry-on or complete three-piece collection. Cushioned handles, 360-spinner wheels, and ample inside storage (think pockets, zips and dividers galore) allow you to tackle winter packing like a champ. This Christmas, it’s no sweater left behind.

Lunya 5-Piece Travel Set | $298

If you haven’t discovered Lunya yet, then get ready for a revolution. Their line of sleepwear is impeccably designed to give you the best of both worlds: a divinely comfortable feel without sacrificing an elevated, polished look. And their five-piece travel set is brilliant for solving that problem of what to wear on a plane so that you still look like a lady  after an overnight flight. The Lunya set comes with the Siro Joggers, Pima Muscle Tee, Pima Long Sleeve, Siro Bralette, and Siro Sleep Brief (pretty much your perfect anyday outfit) tucked in its own laundry bag.

Aesop’s London Kit | $75

It’s that brand you’ve seen everywhere, from that charming general store down the street to the coolest brunch spot’s bathroom. And for good reason. Aesop’s unisex line of soaps, washes, creams and fragrance is plant-based and lab-made, meaning only the finest quality and most proven ingredients make the grade. If you’ve been waiting to bite the bullet on this brand, the London kit is your best bet. It contains shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, body balm, toner, moisturizer and even mouthwash. What jetsetter wouldn’t need or want all of that?

What’s currently on your holiday wish list?

Graphic via Cassidy Boatright

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