Cue: End of the year nostalgia.

2017 has seen many milestones for the Darling team: the launch of our documentary with Aerie, a successful crowdfunding campaign and our 20th print issue, to name a few.

With such gratitude in our hearts this Thanksgiving weekend, a few members of the team wanted to share which articles have mattered most to us over the last five years Darling has been a company. Media is an interesting thing; there are so many touch points from digital to print to social. No single vertical is better than another but, where we’re concerned, we hope that all have a way of adding more realness and light where maybe there was a little less before.

With a special nod to print, here are a few of our favorites:

From Sarah, Founder & Editor-in-Chief:

“Light as Remedy” in Issue 13. About fear, darkness and light — just such a powerful reminder to live in hope.

From Teresa, Managing Editor:

“Growing Up Pretty” by Alyson R. Quinn, Beautician, Issue 17.

From the moment I began to read this letter from a mother to her visibly pretty daughter, I felt moved beyond explanation. In it, Alyson Quinn writes to affirm the importance of inner character and strength, and presents a compelling argument through her appeal for adults to consider carefully how they favor, compliment and treat little girls.

From Ziza, Director of Digital Content:

Interviewing Joanna Gaines for our 15th issue was a definite highlight. I was delighted to discover she was as personable, kind and genuine as you’d expect from her TV show, and I always love when “the person” behind a TV personality gets to shine in human form. Joanna is a gem, and her interview reminds me/us all to never forget the importance of “recognizing the lonely.”

Side note: It’s no secret I am obsessed with Italy, so it’s equally fun that this interview appears in the issue with our Italian cover.

From Natalie, Fashion Editor:

As someone who LOVES denim, I was naturally excited to write “The Lovely Canadian Tuxedo & More” in Issue 14. The article explained where denim (as a texture) developed, how it became a standard work uniform, how Levi Strauss & his partner patented denim with copper rivets and evolved into street wear and fashion. So interesting. I love how history and functionality, plays such a part in fashion.

Being Canadian, I love promoting anything Canadian – ie the Canadian Tuxedo. Photos are great, especially the one of the model with the afro. She was the best.

From Francesca, Beauty Editor:

I loved the article “Acne” in Darling’s Fall 2016 issue. Writing about my relationship with my reflection allowed me to literally take a good hard look at why I feel compelled to check the mirror numerous times per day and changed the way I approach myself. I realized that the way I feel is separate from my appearance.

From Cassidy, Social Media Manager:

JOHNNYSWIM, Issue 20. I loved this article because it was the first interview I got to do for Darling! I loved sitting down with these artists I’ve admired for a long time and getting to hear their story, their passion and see their genuinely positive spirit in person. It was so refreshing to meet successful, talented individuals who are also deeply authentic and truly kind. Also, it was so fun speaking with Abner and Amanda because they were just as well-spoken, engaging and eloquent as their songs.

From Jess, SVP & General Manager:

From Print: Issue 15. “The Haze of Go, Go, Go” by Tracy Lee

Why: This is the one Darling Article that came along right when I needed it most and the one I go back and reread when I forget to “live life at a pace that evokes intentionality…”

From Digital: Why I Care So Much About Inclusivity by Anna Nti-Asare

Why: A series of unexpected events led to my introduction to the author. To see her words and beautifully, refreshing point of view appear on the Darling site months later, is both humbling and inspiring.

What has been your favorite article? If you need a refresh, don’t forget Darling subscribers gain instant access to all previous issues here.

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  1. Some of my favorite articles from past darling issues: the story of ruthie lindsey about hope and suffering. I also have gone through physical challenges and loved and was inspired by how she has taken her life back. And the article by melissa Helser in the compassion issue.
    I’ve been a subscriber since I stumbled upon issue 13 back in 2015, and wish I had discoved darling earlier, it is truly like a guide, mentor, and friend for true womanhood!


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