We’re always wondering what other women are carrying around inside of their purses (in a non-creepy way, of course) so we thought it would be fun for you to get to know the women behind Darling a little bit better by taking a look inside of our bags.

Here’s what Darling’s Managing Editor Teresa Archer carries around most often:

I’m not one of those people who can survive with a “minimalist” bag; I am juggling far too many worlds. When I look inside my bag I’m searching to make sure that each facet of myself and my life has resources to keep going. In some ways, I think of these items as “nurture essentials.”

The first list I run through in my mind when I check my bag, honestly, just represents myself as a creative person. I make sure I have my journal, which is currently one the Cageless Birds artisans sent me that I love and will simply order another once this one is out. It lays flat, is unlined, and is the perfect size and shape for my thoughts, lovingly handmade with beautiful leather and fabric. Similarly, usually tucked in said journal is a black pen.

I always need my sunglasses (here long favourited Ferragamo’s I found on deep sale years ago) for any “brainstorm walks” I take and my old faithful red wallet by Vince Camuto. It’s bright, cheerful and I can find it easily.

Then there are those items I have that remind me to care for my wellbeing, for “Teresa the human.” I almost always have a bag of tea (like this delicious Elderberry & Echinacea tea from Pukka, my favourite brand) and one of these Immunity Plus sachets by The Honest Co. When I have a tickle in my throat or am just logging long workdays, it’s such a relief to have something hot or cold to drink that I know is doing me serious good.

Also, this new portable aromatherapy kit ESYM gave me has been a lifesaver; I prefer really natural scents like lavender and just having a small whiff can refresh me entirely. I consider using my Bkr water bottle all day the most essential “treat yourself” habit I could cultivate.

Thirdly, there are the items that are my luxury body-care favourites. I have been using the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage compact for over 10 years now, and I’ve never found another to match it. I’m a make-up minimalist, but I’ve long relied on always keeping my Bare Minerals “warmth” blush close, which I apply with Flower brushes their team gifted me. Honestly, if you haven’t found and tried the Flower products yet, you’re in for a treat—all of their brushes are luxuriously soft and high quality.

Lastly, I am pretty outspoken for my newfound love of the products made by True Botanicals. They sent me a few of their things over summer and I have tangibly felt the difference in my skin and seen amazing results since using this face oil. It’s my “if I’m going to splurge it’s going that direction” choice of this group.

Finally, when I check my bag I remember “Teresa the scatterbrained mum/editor.” In this category I have all the items that keep me sane: Colored Tabs to be able to apply to magazines, books, you name it when I see something I want to remember for later and don’t have time (or hands free) to write it down. Diaper bags by Arm&Hammer that are scented, just in case, because I have two children under age three. It’s not just nappies that go in there, my friends. In this category slides also the bag itself—a beautiful leather tote by Nisolo gifted to me last Christmas by my award-winning mum. I needed a large, supple, “foldable” type bag and she found it.

*Author’s Note: I hate being told to buy things nobody paid for. Almost all of the items in this roundup I bought myself and those noted to have been gifts are only in here because I love them and truly use them. I hope you enjoy them as well.

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  1. The careless birds leather journals are my favorite! I received one several years ago for my birthday and it lasted me a whole year ( usually my journals don’t make it that long). I also only like to write with black pens for some reason, pencil is so unreliable and I can’t stand red or blue pens, my husband always makes fun of me for this. I need to invest in a good purse someday, I love your nisolo leather bag!!


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