For us at Darling, the last six years have been filled with so many wonderful people, events, partnerships and experiences that we could have never imagined actually happening—but they did! And we’re taking the day to celebrate that.

Keep reading to relive a few favorite highlights with us:

In 23 issues of Darling Magazine, there have been countless moments that have caused us to pause and cherish the joy of making print content that brings light and encouragement to our subscribers.

With 400+ photoshoots and interviews with 130+ influencers under our belt, we’re more convinced than ever that print is not dead. We promise to continue creating a printed publication that goes beyond the surface level and showcases the fullest definition of beauty.

Darling’s online space is probably the closest thing we get to face-to-face interaction with our audience on a daily basis. We’re so grateful that through these last six years, the Darling blog and Darling’s social media platforms have been a space for honest conversation, depth and positivity.

Our 22 million hashtags include: #ThatsDarling, #DarlingMovement, #DarlingWeekend, #DarlingDiscussions, #DarlingDaily and many more. Thank you for always engaging with us and offering your heart and mind to the Darling Movement!

This past year was a special one for us. We had the honor of producing a full-length documentary with our brand partner, Aerie, entitled self(i.e.)In it, we explore the world of retouching in the media as well as the impact that social media has on our self-perception and esteem. The film offers a positive and challenging take on the issues our society faces during this unique time in digital history and it’s set to release later this year.

(Psst…If you haven’t seen all 10 teaser episodes, watch them HERE!)

From our 2012 Kickstarter campaign to our second round of crowdfunding through IndieGoGo, we’re always so amazed and grateful for the support we receive from our community. A massive shoutout to our investors: You are the Darling family!

We couldn’t bring you media that matters without our incredible brand partners. The brands you see above partner with us in more than just business; they seek to bring products and experiences to the world that connect us on a deeper level.

Thank you to Aerie, Alaska Airlines, CB2, UGG and the many other brands who enable us to create content we believe in and that genuinely resonates with the Darling reader.

Finally, our beloved Darling Dinners, Retreats and special events. These are true spaces where the heart of Darling comes to life in a tangible way.

Through the years, we have hosted 26 Darling Dinners, 6 Darling Retreats and countless other special events, including issue launch parties, holiday events and many more. To those of you who have come to a Darling event, thank you. And for those who haven’t yet—keep your eye out because we have some special announcements coming soon!

Thank you for embarking on this adventure with us. If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last six years, it’s that using media to speak truth and encouragement is the heartbeat of the Darling Movement and when we can accomplish these things, every moment is worth it. Looking back is fun, but we cannot wait for what is to come—onward and upward!

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