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Now that we are right in the thick of winter, it’s time to focus on our skin and indulge it in a little TLC. This all-natural facial toner recipe is not only hydrating on dry skin but it has vitamins B5 and C to help heal and regenerate new skin. Hooray for that!

This recipe combines the simplest skin care ingredients for a no-fuss, refreshing spray that you can use every day. Most commonly, toner is used to hydrate the skin right after washing your face, but you can use this facial toner at any time you need a little pick-me-up throughout the day. If you have any concerns about this facial toner recipe, there’s no harm in asking a dermatologist that you trust if this would be best for your specific skin.

Healing Facial Toner DIY

lia griffith toner diy

1 teaspoon aloe (we used Lily of the Valley 99% Aloe)
¼ teaspoon witch hazel (optional, meant for acne/blemish control)
20 drops vitamin B5 serum
20 drops vitamin C serum
10 drops vitamin E oil
5 drops essential oils (ours uses 3 drops of tea tree and 2 drops of lavender)
1/3 – ½  cup of filtered water

To make this toner, add all the ingredients to a bowl, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils and you are ready to take on the outdoor elements!

Make sure that you are using filtered water for your toner – you want the ingredients to be as gentle on your skin as possible.

facial toner gift

…and as a bonus, head over HERE to Lia Griffith for some easy, ready-made labels to go along with your gift!

Have a great go-to DIY gift idea? Share in the comments!

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