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Whether your living space is boho chic or sleek and modern, macramé is a décor trend that’s suited to any interior. This simple update brings great texture and life to any nook and cranny or empty wall. Today it’s all about a super basic version that’s cost effective, uncomplicated to make, and still creates a gorgeous statement.


DIY Macramé Wall Hanging


yarn in choice(s) of color (shown here is 6mm cord)
brass pipe (shown here is 12in. long)
glue gun


1. Cut cardboard to the desired length of the wall hanging
2. Wrap yarn loosely around the cardboard six full times then cut all the loops at one end of the cardboard. this will give you six pieces that are equal in length and therefore easier to work with.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging | DARLING

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging | DARLING

3. Repeat with additional colors (if only using two or one colors, double/triple the number of times it’s wrapped around the cardboard so that you end with eighteen pieces of yarn).


4. Fold one piece of yarn in half to create a loop. wrap around the brass pipe and pull the two ends through that loop. be sure the knot is tight at this point.

loop 1

loop 2

5. Repeat with remaining pieces of yarn, alternating colors as preferred.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging | DARLING
6. When all yarn has been tied around the pipe, cut one additional piece from which the brass pipe will hang. the length of this piece depends on where/how it will hang.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging | DARLING
7. Tie one end of the yarn around each end of the pipe. secure with a hot glue gun and make sure all frayed edges are glued down as well.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging | DARLING8. Hang and marvel at the masterpiece!

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging | DARLING

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Images via Leslie Musser


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