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Darling’s office receives some really fun product samples from cool companies. When we get especially great products, we want to share them with you! Today, our VP of Business Development, Virginia Hawkins, shares a product review on four of our favorite things for fall.

Bindle Bottle $39.00

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Initially I asked myself, “Do I really need another water bottle when my cabinet seems to be overflowing with them?” After a week with the Bindle Bottle, it turns out, there is a water bottle you are missing in your collection. The Bindle has a special hollowed out bottom with a lid that can hold a lot of stuff while you walk, run or hike.

I took my Bindle for the day, and it fit all my things—my car keys, AirPods, credit card, driver’s license and mask. The handle on top makes it easy to carry with one hand. I love the option to leave my purse! I tested the insulation, and my ice lasted nine hours in the bottle.

A couple things you should know: The hollow section inside means the bottle looks like it holds more water than it does. 24 oz. is, in fact, enough water, but it’s definitely something to be aware of! It is also hand-wash only. This is my new go-to bottle for hikes and other activities when I don’t want to carry anything else, and it’s definitely on my shortlist for holiday gifts! 

For 20 percent of the entire Bindle site, use the promo code DARLING20

Dropps Oxi Booster Pods – $25.00 

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Dropps is an eco-friendly cleaning product company, offering a range of laundry products. They’re committed to reducing single-use plastics and their shipping is carbon-neutral, so you already feel great about buying it! The first striking thing about Dropps is the packaging. Their packaging is so thoughtfully designed; the shipping box is perforated and tears apart to become a little box to put in your laundry room to store the pods. The packaging and ingredients are intuitive, well-crafted and thoughtfully put together.

I tested the Oxi Booster Pods on all my bathroom towels, dish towels and three different rounds of clothing. I made sure my dish towels were extra dirty to see how the pods would handle the stains. The best part of the laundry test was that I didn’t notice anything. There is no fragrance, no stains and nothing too crazy—just clean, fresh clothes and towels!

For 20 percent off the entire Dropps website, use promo code LEARNING.

Little Mascara Club – $21.00

A beauty kit laid out on a counter

I have worn the same mascara for 15 years, but I’m prepared to make Little Mascara Club a part of my regular routine. This subscription service has a cute packaging and a fun hashtag #createhappy. The unboxing was definitely a fun part of the experience.

Some users might be drawn to the makeup bag, mascara remover wipes towels and micellar water mascara remover. Those were excellent, but what blew me away was the mascara itself. It comes with instructions if you’re new to a short wand (like me). It also promises to look better than your regular mascara, stay on if you start crying and disappear if you shower.

Given that our eyes are all you can see nowadays with our masks, this was the perfect time to find a new mascara. I felt good using it because the mascara is both vegan and cruelty-free, as well as made with 90 percent natural ingredients. The mascara remover wipes are also sparing my towels the black mascara residue I usually leave behind! This is a step up in price from what I used to pay for mascara, but it’s worth it! 

For 15 percent off Little Mascara Club, use the promo code DARLING15.

ThirdLove – $65.00

A close up of a lavender bra with a red background

I had heard of ThirdLove before, and chances are, you probably have seen their ads on social media too. I tried the Everyday Lace Plunge Bra in lavender with the matching underwear. I have a lot of thoughts! For me, hands down, the best thing about ThirdLove is their fit test.

Finding the right size seems to be the most common challenge that comes with bra shopping. ThirdLove solved it in two ways: their easy online fit finder and their half cup sizing. I thought the Everyday Lace Plunge Bra is pretty and a fun bra to brighten up your underwear drawer—but you can find pretty lace and fun colors in a lot of places.

The magic behind ThirdLove is that they’ll help you find the right size bra that actually fits, and then, you can browse their collections for the color and pattern you’re looking for. The ThirdLove fit finder is free, so there’s no reason not to try it. They ask for your email, but instead of annoying spam, they send fun recommendations based on your size.

Their interface is easy. Their selection is beautiful, and their products are cute and comfortable. For your next bra purchase, give them a try! 

For $10 off of a purchase of $120 or more and free shipping on your ThirdLove purchase, use promo code DARLING10.

*Prices and inventory may change but are accurate as listed at the time of publication.


Featured Image via The Bindle Bottle

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