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For some people, the kitchen is a sacred place. It’s an oasis for creativity and fun that comes to life on cutting boards, stoves, food processors and grills. For others, the kitchen can be daunting. Cooking can feel like a chore rather than a beloved pastime. Novice chefs often are faced with intimidation in the kitchen and unsure of where to start.

Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Darling‘s Founder and CEO, Sarah Dubbeldam, has picked out the best kitchen products to turn your house into a home. These are high-quality products from unique brands and small businesses that won’t break after one year but can last a lifetime. Shop the latest edition of the Darling Edit below. Let us know in the comments what your favorite kitchenware products and brands are!

Made Trade Bibol Tia Salad Server – $32.00

Wooden salad servers

Woman-owned, vegan, sustainable and fair trade, Made Trade is one of the companies that as a consumer I am proud to support. These handmade bamboo salad servers make salad prepping time efficient and picture-worthy. They come in small and large and are 100 percent food safe.

Made Trade Bibol Khay Tray – $75.00

A large wooden serving plate

Another great kitchen product from Made Trade, the Bibol Khay Tray is handmade from bamboo. It’s perfect for serving up vegetables, dessert, a cheese plate or perhaps, if you’re feeling fancy, a charcuterie plate!

Made Trade Bibol Soai Mango Dish – $55.00 

A large wooden serving bowl

We really love Made Trade at Darling! The Bibol Soai Mango Dish is offered in small and large. It’s another perfect kitchenware item for serving family and friends salads, mixed fruit or candy for the kids.

Unison Black Round Block Cart – $300.00

A block cart with black wheels and black trays

This trendy block cart by Unison is the perfect accent piece. Its ash wood legs and bold block trays make for a simple, yet modern aesthetic that is perfect for any room. It’s perfect for bedside storage, a cart to hold food or kitchen supplies or to house the kids’ toys.

Lodge Cast Iron 9 Inch Cast Iron Skillet – $18.95

a black cast iron skillet

For the families that love a home-cooked meal, this Classic Cast Iron Skillet from Lodge takes care of all your searing, sautéing, baking, broiling, braising and grilling needs. My family and I love the outdoors, and this cast iron is perfect for not only your kitchen stove and oven but also for the grill or the campfire. The 9-inch skillet is seasoned with 100 percent natural vegetable oil and offers great heat retention and even heating!

The Citizenry Puebla Marble Entertaining Set – $275.00

A marble cutting board set

This marble entertaining set is gorgeous, and adds a feel of minimalistic style to the kitchen. I love the matte black marble and the white veining. The marble is hand-carved by artisans in Puebla, Mexico at the Herrera Marble Workshop, and no two pieces are alike. The set includes one Puebla Marble Serving Board, two Puebla Marble Trivets and eight Puebla Marble Coasters.

Dreamfarm Set of the Best: The Essential Tool Collection – $59.95

A set of cooking utensils

Sometimes, you just need simplicity in the kitchen, which is why I love this collection by Dreamfarm. The Set of the Best contains all of your essential kitchen tools in one. The five-piece set comes in black or an assortment of colors for a bright pop of color.

Dreamfarm Scizza: Pizza Scissors – $29.95

Pizza cutters

Whether you are a thick crust, deep dish or flat bread type of person, these pizza scissors by DreamFarm make cutting and serving pizza simple. Scizza slices pizza on any surface and includes a spatula that is perfect for serving and keeping your pizza toppings in place. Moms and kids alike will be excited that no topping will ever be lost again!

Xenia Taler Mixed 2 Side & 2 Dinner Plate Set – $44.00

A set of colorful plates stacked on top of each other

I love Xenia Taler’s side and dinner plates because you get to select from a variety of bright and colorful styles. The bamboo fiber plates are dishwasher safe, which makes for an easy clean up for mom!

August Sage Brass Serving Spoon Set – $75.00

A set of spoons

Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen with this gold pure Brass Serving Spoon Set from August Sage. I love when the products we purchase have a story behind them. Each spoon is handcrafted in Kampala, Uganda by a team of Rose & Fitzgerald’s fair trade metalsmiths.

August Sage Moroccan Recycled Glassware – $32.00

A set of glass cups on a table with a pink plate and placemat

This glassware set includes a pitcher, as well as a large, medium and small glass, all recycled and handmade by Moroccan artisans. Each glass has natural variation, a recycled glass tint and minor bubbling. I love the simplicity and beauty that these glasses add to the table.

Ceremonia Mini Teak Bowl  + Spoon Set – $14.00

Three wooden mixing bowls and a spoon

Responsibly sourced from Javanese family farms, the miniature teak bowl and spoon set makes for the perfect housewarming gift (or you can keep them for yourself!) These sustainable, eco-friendly bowls are great for holding spices, condiments or for mixing.

TeakHaus End Grain Butcher Blocks – $135.00

A butcher block

The TeakHaus End Grain Butcher Block is perfect for summertime BBQs. The rectangular carving board includes a hand grip, and its heavy-duty and sturdy material make it a go-to for serving meat and cheese.

Ferm Living Tea Towels – $19.00

A set of tea towels hanging from a wall

As a mom of two, whether I am making a meal or cleaning up the kitchen, I always need a towel. Based in Copenhagen, Ferm offers natural linen and cotton tea towels in a variety of styles and colors. I love that I can find towels to fit any mood or season if I want to change up my kitchen’s color scheme! Ferm recently launched a site in the U.S. so everything is conveniently shipped directly from their U.S. warehouse!

Ferm Living Tomo Kitchen Tools – $89.00

A wooden utensil set

This four-piece kitchen set includes two wooden spoons, a cooking tong and a spatula made of carbonised ash wood. The natural look of the wood instantly elevates your kitchen aesthetic.

The Bright Angle Elixir Olive Oil Bottle – $48.00

An oil bottle next to flowers

I’m eager to trade in plastic olive oil containers for this chic alternative—a handmade, porcelain olive oil bottle by Elixir! It’s safe to use in both the microwave and dishwasher and versatile enough to swap out for soaps, syrups, dressings and drinks. The Elixir Olive Oil Bottle includes an oil stopper, and it is offered in a variety of neutral tones including rosemary green, silk white, smoke grey and mica black.

Karibe Utensil Set – $45.99

A kitchen cookware set on a counter

Karibe offers cookware, cutlery and kitchen tools that emphasize luxury and quality. This 10-piece utensil set is no exception with each piece made with silicon, scratch-resistant heads. The utensils are heavy duty and nonstick, and they also have a hook for easy storage.

The Floral Society Fancy Taper Candles, 10″ – $26.00

A set of taper candles

I am convinced that taper candles are the quickest way to level up your dining table! These 10-inch taper candles from The Floral Society are hand-molded with a cotton wick that burns cleanly and can last up to 10 hours. It can also fit any standard size candle holder. Each pack comes in sets of two and with three color options: parchment, petal and clay.

The Floral Society Ceramic Flower Frog Bowl Taper Holder – $115.00

A ceramic bowl

The Ceramic Flower Frog Bowl & Taper Holder is the perfect centerpiece you’ve been missing. I love that this decorative piece is versatile! If you put water in the holes, you can place flowers there, and it has holders to add candles on either end.

Pottery Barn Andrée Jardin French Standing Broom Sweep Set – $149.50

A broom and pan set

The Andrée Jardin French Standing Broom Sweep Set proves that a broom and a dustpan can be a piece of art too. Made of lacquered steel and beechwood in Brittany, France, the standing broom set adds a vintage charm that you won’t be able to get enough of!

Jinen Hasami Porcelain Mug – $24.00

A ceramic mug

Created to pay homage to Japan’s traditional design, these Hasami Porcelain pieces focus on simplicity and clean lines. The mugs are crafted from natural Amakusa pottery stones mixed with potter’s clay. The organic, textured feel of these mugs make them a must-have!

Bee’s Wrap Variety Starter Pack – $42.00

Lunch food in plastic wraps

Moms everywhere are big on food storage. I love the Bee’s Wrap Variety Starter Pack because it includes seven wraps that come in unique prints and various sizes perfect for all kinds of food! I can store my son’s lunch in the fridge or a cheese snack for myself for later! They are also reusable, biodegradable and guaranteed to keep your food fresh.

Kesslyr Dean Freda Block Print Napkin Set – $38.00

Napkins folded on a table

These table napkins are both feminine and modern. Hand-crafted in India, the Freda Block Print Napkins are a celebration of the artistry of local artisans and block printing. Each set includes two napkins and is made of linen cotton and nonstick ink.

Greenpan SearSmart Ceramic Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set – $399.99


a set of pots and pans

SearSmart makes all your cookware needs easy with this 10-piece cookware set that is stainless steel, nonstick and dishwasher safe. The set includes a 1.5 quart saucepan with lid, a 2.25 quart saucepan with lid, a 5 quart casserole with lid and a 3 quart sauté pan with lid. One cool thing about SearSmart is that they have redesigned the shapes of their pans to create full efficiency bodies that offer up to 40 percent more cooking space! Moms everywhere can applaud to that.

Favor Spoon Rest – $27.00

A marble spoon set

Finally, somewhere to put your cooking utensils that is functional and regal! Designed by ceramicist Brooke T. Winfrey, take your stovetop to the next level with the Favor Spoon Rest. The handmade spoon set comes in three monochromatic patterns—Torrent, Brushstroke and Cookies & Cream. Every brushstroke is unique, which means no two pieces are the same!

*Prices and inventory may change but are accurate as listed at the time of publication.

What are your go-to kitchenware brands? What’s your favorite item in your kitchen?

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