It never fails. With every print issue of the magazine we release, there comes the final moment when we hold it in our hands and pause. It’s here — the culmination of so many brainstorming sessions, conversations, heartfelt interviews and an intentional theme that we could talk through for hours.

As soon as we met Quilt, we started dreaming up a way to make that happen for real.

“A new way for women to connect offline.”

It’s new, but it’s also not. What Quilt is really about taps into something women have long known: that meeting and gathering in the home is one of the quickest ways to foster relationships. Consider it a bit like WeWork meets AirBnB, Quilt hosts a network of women who desire to open up their home for co-working, live workshops and the desire to get things done.

Anyone who’s worked from home or remotely can attest that different creative neurons ignite when you change up your environment and get new eyes and ears on a project. Quilt makes that happen, which is why Darling is excited to be partnering with them in March!

Here’s how it will work:

We’re thrilled to be announcing our collaboration with Quilt for the month of March, bringing you a Coffee + Chat Series: Darling Live Magazine! All month long, we’ll be bringing Darling to life with special hour-long Quilt Coffee + Chats, where we’ll explore Imagination through facilitated conversations. Think of this like your AM power hour before heading into the office or a PM debrief after a long day at work.

Throughout the month, women in the Los Angeles area will be opening up their homes to host Quilt and Darling members along with members of the Darling Team (starting with Sarah Dubbeldam, Darling’s Founder and CEO). We’ll be exploring our current Imagination issue through the lens of the Darling Personas, pairing a specific article with discussion questions and key themes at each Coffee + Chat.

Here’s how you get involved:

All Darling subscribers will receive a promo code for 1-month free membership to Quilt. Your first month is free, with your subscription automatically expiring at the end of the month, though we’d love for you to stay! Darling subscribers in Los Angeles (or traveling through LA) will have the opportunity to sign up for and attend a Quilt x Darling Live Magazine Coffee + Chat throughout the month of March. Not a Darling subscriber? Subscribe here and we’ll send you a promo code!

Once you’ve claimed your free month, head to the calendar here to book. We’ll see you there!

In addition to the Darling Live series, you will have the opportunity to explore other elements Quilt has to offer during your free month membership, including access to Quilt’s private Facebook group for members and discounts on ticketed gatherings.

We can’t wait to meet those of you here in LA! And for our extended friends, stay tuned! We’ll be sharing highlights on social to make sure you’re in the loop.

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