Ceramic art

Permission to Make “Bad” Art

Neglected nooks piled with paper and color.
Deserted drawers of thread and fabric.
Unwritten words, fearful of breathing.
Unpainted canvases, upon dusty windows, leaning.

There is no need for it to be exceptional.
There is only a need for it to be;
Let it be bland. Let it be subtle.
Let it be grand. Let it be free.

You were not brought into the world just to be an audience member,
only applauding all the rest.
You were brought to life, with the intention that you too, would bring things to life,
acting not merely as a guest.

May you give yourself permission to make, design and create.
I nudge you to come back to yourself, the child within,
who never says “enough” to the bold paint and sticky glue.

I nudge you to come back to a little girl
who was never afraid of whether or not her art
made her look good or qualified or even smart.

I nudge to come back to yourself,
and grant yourself permission to the beauty of “bad” art.

Image via Elephant Ceramics, Darling Issue No. 2

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