If you have a little more spending money when it comes to gifting this year, the hunt halts here. As in our other gift guide, the below compilation is a curation of favorite brands, personal must-haves and those items that are going on our own wish lists … so far as we can help it.


1) This ceramic mug combines tech + design for the perfect sip at your favorite temp. Every time. $79

2) Stand out with what you stand on. A gorgeous mat that has all the grip you need. $98

3) Because brushes make all the difference. $98

4) This set contains the all-stars that’ll get you (seriously, honestly, truly) glowing. A must-try for winter. $56

5) Gift cards are never impersonal when they’re wine and they’re Winc. $100

6) For the essential oil lover who likes to keep things simple. $60

7) If you’re going to make matcha, then really make matcha. $50

8) Well-rested mornings are definitely included. $79

9) We all have that farmers market/craft fair hopping friend who would love to carry this. $89

10) Practical and pretty. Perfect. $50

11) This is for anyone who hates running out of battery. (So, everyone.) $100

12) For the dedicated coffee drinker who’s tired of cracking the Chemex. $79

13) We love how these are made with recycled yarn from factory cutting room floors. $80 ($165 for adult-sized)

14) Behind any good salad there’s always an amazing Italian-inspired dressing. $55

15) You haven’t shaved until you’ve shaved with gold. Pre-order now to ship 11/27. $96

16) Mmmm. The holiday peace setAvailable on 11/24. $68

17) Distinct and charming all at once. We want this in every stone. (Plus other designs under $50!) $53

18) Don’t break the bank. Break the chains of slavery. $100+

19 & 20) Mix up something beautiful while “X” marks the spot. $60 & $54, respectively.

And last but certainly not least: a Darling gift subscription! $60 gets you (or a very grateful friend) instant access to Darling’s entire digital library and the latest Issue 22 straight to their door! 

Feature Image via Amanda Nolan Booker

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