We’re going to skip the incredibleness of it already being gifting season and get straight to the point: ideas!

We’ve pulled from our favorite brands, personal recommendations and our own wishes for a Secret Santa and have compiled the below for your shopping sanity. Everything is under $50, with a second list to come later this week of gifts under $100.

May it be helpful and, most of all, may the season truly reflect the gift of someone else’s presence in your life.

Happy Shopping!

1) The tee that says it all. $42

2) Our makeup guru swears by these! $38

3) Literal beauty sleep. $50 (and don’t miss the one for gents!)

4) Make it easy to discover a new favorite scent. The packaging is an instant win. $35

5) If you haven’t discovered Susanne Kaufmann yet, you’re welcome. $30

6) A great can’t-go-wrong, take-it-everywhere product. $20

7) Each piece is unique and cut from a larger form. Not your average keychain. $28

8) Drink more water. This bottle comes with its own Japanese binchotan charcoal filter. $35

9) To plan for all those great moments ahead. $26

10) Packing your lunch never looked better. $38

11) Change someone’s world. Starting at $25.

12) The truly indispensable tech lifesaver that everyone needs. $45

13) You can’t go wrong with this. The label practically wraps itself. $39

14) We come back to this again and again. Forever in our bag. $24

15) This year’s answer to last year’s coloring book craze. $23

16) Everything Kara makes is a yes; therefore, anyone can find something to love in TOAST. $25

17) Happier mani/pedis on the horizon: 8-toxin free, formulated in France and perfect for all festivities. $28

18) Heaven scent. For your skin, only. $10

19) End the year on a good note…book. $9

20) Is chocolate the most perfect gift? Answer after you taste this almond toffee bar. $10

21) A little steam and a little bubble. A pore’s dream team. $15 & $17, respectively.

Psst. Don’t forget Darling Issue 22! Newly released and perfect for an under $50 gift 🙂 Save more per issue when you become a subscriber here.

Feature Image via Joanna Kosinska



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