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Winter is the time of year when we crave all things warm and cozy. Winding down with a warm drink on hand is the perfect way to slow down during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The popularity of golden milks and turmeric-spiked drinks is evident, but what else should we be drinking besides this golden concoction?

With an array of sugar-laden holiday drink options in coffee shops, it can feel like a challenge to choose a drink that’s both comforting and healthy. Especially during the colder months, good nutrition is more important than ever to keep your immune system in check. While no single food, on its own, has the ability to keep those bugs away and an overall pattern of healthy eating is best, some particular nutrients may have a special role in strengthening your immune system.

Food with healthy fats (such as nuts), vitamin C-rich food (such as citrus fruit), foods that contain zinc (such as cashews and almonds) and the polyphenols in green tea may have a role in giving your immune system a boost. If you live in a climate where the sun rarely comes out and the days are shorter, getting adequate vitamin D can be more challenging. If you like making your own nut milk but feel that your diet lacks vitamin D, buying a plant-based milk fortified with vitamin D may be a good option for you.

Here are five cozy drink ideas that are nourishing for both the body and soul:

1. Coconut Cashew Matcha Latte

The beautiful green color of matcha powder is enough to entice you want to make this drink. The coconut butter and cashews give this latte a rich creaminess. Get the recipe via The First Mess here.

2. Superfood Hot Cocoa

This easy to make, healthy hot cocoa is the ultimate comfort drink. It’s a frothy delight of cocoa powder and almond butter, with a hint of cinnamon. Get the recipe via Desiree Neilsen, RD here.

3. Pear Ginger Cider

Apple cider with pureed pears and warming spices. Ginger, which has been known to have a soothing effect on your tummy, is a lovely addition to this cider. Get the recipe via Nutrition Stripped here.

4. Spicy Chai Latte

This one’s for the chai tea lovers! Black tea with a blend of spices (cardamom, black pepper, clove, and nutmeg) and fresh ginger. Get the recipe via Sprouted Kitchen here.

5. Persimmon ‘Eggnog’

This recipe takes the classic holiday drink for a spin. Featuring tahini, chia seeds, and vitamin C-rich persimmon, this vegan eggnog is anything but conventional. Get the recipe via Golubka Kitchen here.

Agree with this list? What else do you enjoy sipping this time of year?

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