As we enter a new year, our minds (and inboxes!) can become filled with resolutions. These can be overwhelming and exhausting to think about. From healthier habits to finances to simply being present, there are so many options and so little time to plan it all out.

Here I’ve turned to 10 female game changers who have achieved so much to see what their goals are for 2018 and, most importantly, how they intend to stick to them.

1. “Follow your passion.” – Jessie James Decker

“I’ve learned so much in 2017 about what my priorities are, and what they should be moving forward. I’m going to only do things that I’m most passionate about, and work well with balancing my ability to be a wonderful wife and mother to my family, and a great business woman/entertainer.”

Jessie is the do-it-all mom, wife, country pop singer-songwriter with her own fashion line, reality TV show, and many other projects and collaborations.

2. “Ask for what you want.” – Lauren Ash

“You will reach your goals if you are never afraid to ask for what you want in life. I have achieved many of my professional goals over the years just by having had the guts to ask for an opportunity.”

Lauren is a comedian/actress who plays the unconventional Dina Fox, a character she created through improv, on NBC’s “Superstore.”

3. “Write it down.” – Hannah Bronfman

“I typically find New Year’s resolutions hard to keep and remember so, to help me stick to my goals I write them down and place them somewhere I see every day, like the bathroom mirror or the wallpaper on my cell phone.”

Hannah is the founder of HBFIT, DJ, entrepreneur, fitness, fashion and beauty influencer. As a firm believer of the mantra, “your body is a temple,” Hannah routinely shares her homemade recipes and workout regimens via her Instagram and HBFIT.

Image via Florian Klauer

4. “Try journaling.” – Nikki Sharp

“I actually choose not to set a whole list of new goals on January 1 each year because as we all know, they typically don’t get done. Instead, I journal every morning and I find that goals pop up as I write. For example, a few months ago I wrote that I wanted to volunteer in Africa. I didn’t have a date in mind, but just putting the intention on paper made it more exciting and easy to plan than feeling like it’s a chore that I’ll never succeed at. (I went to Kenya end of November!) I find setting goals all year round allows you see which ones you get done, which ones don’t, and adjust accordingly.”

After years of working as an international model, Nikki started to realize that she was tired of always wanting to be “skinny” and started pursuing her new desire — health. Through her work as a health coach and wellness blogger, Nikki’s mission is to spread the knowledge of healthy living for the mind, body and soul.

5. “Smaller mountains.” – Brit Morin

“Going into 2018, I’m focusing on the smaller goals that will help me achieve bigger ones. When you break things down, big dreams feel much more achievable.”

Brit Morin is the founder & CEO of Brit + Co, an online platform that provides tools to teach, inspire and enable creativity among women and girls. From traditional crafts to high-tech manufacturing, Brit + Co connects millions of users with makers, designers, chefs, and inventors, together building a community of creativity.

6. “Plan for success.” – Taryn Toomey

“Make a plan. When breaking unhealthy patterns, whether food-, movement-, or relationship-related, there must be some applied discipline and will. Schedule your week ahead, especially with eating; work with a nutritionist and write it out – every meal and craving – and include time for daily meditation, movement and rituals like baths. The goal is for this to become your self-care routine.”

Known for transforming New Yorkers and Los Angelenos with her magical, virtually unexplainable, cathartic workout, Taryn Toomey created her signature offering, The Class by Taryn Toomey, while on a deep soul journey to become one with her past and open new doors to higher purpose and greater fulfillment in her life.

7. “Find balance.” – Diana Goodwin

“Whenever I maintain a healthy balance in all aspects of my life and not let any one area over take the others, everything flows and allows me to achieve success in all areas. Because of this, my 2018 is to find and maintain balance and enjoy the journey.”

Diana is the Founder & CEO of AquaMobile, a private swim school that offers high quality private swim lessons at our clients’ homes throughout a wide range of cities.

Image via Christopher Sardegna

8. “Appreciate the journey.” – Elizabeth Sadowski

“Working in the remote wilderness areas of Zambia and Madagascar, I’ve learnt that objectives are achieved incrementally, through thoughtful conversations, respect for all perspectives and – above all – patience. I reach my goals by accepting that progress is a slow, often non-linear process and that sometimes laughter in a stakeholder meeting and a warm handshake from a project partner can be the best indicators of positive development.”

Elizabeth is the Foundation Director of Time + Tide Foundation, initiating and managing projects in the conservation areas of Liuwa Plain, the Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa Valleys in Zambia and the Nosy Ankao archipelago and adjacent mainland in Madagascar.

9. “Learn to say NO.” – Zoe Buckman

“For the past few years my goals have been about generating a greater sense of balance between my work and family life and a greater sense of structure. It will be impossible for me to achieve this unless, first, I stop overcommitting myself. My goal is to say no to things (like social and work events) about 25% more than I have been! So I’ll shoot for 35% and probably land at 20.”

Zoe is a multi-disciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation and photography, exploring themes of feminism, mortality and equality.

10. “Help others achieve.” – Katie Kornfield

“Creating positive impact and making community matter are core values maintained by the individuals, companies and nonprofits that I represent. I want to continue to find opportunities that enhance their vision and commitment to social responsibility.”

Katie Kornfield Consulting provides services in public relations, corporate and crisis communications, nonprofit management and entertainment industry talent engagement for campaigns and events.

Any advice you’d like to add? Share in the comments.

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