Jaime King has been in the film and modeling industries for many years now. Appearing as a model in magazines such as Vogue and Mademoiselle and films such as Bulletproof and Heart of Dixie, Jaime has been a recognizable face to many. Darling had the opportunity to ask Jaime a few questions about her journey through fame and the most impactful experiences that she has had.

Being someone who has been in the spotlight for a while, how would you say this has impacted who you are?

It has made me humbled and very aware. I know that being in the spotlight and having any kind of fame is power. That power must be recognized as something that is a great responsibility. That I use my voice thoughtfully and be mindful that my actions carry meaning and purpose. It does not make me more special or extraordinary than other people—this is important to remember. Humbleness is not a limitation to what I do but is indeed what allows it to maintain its purity.

What is one of the most life-changing projects you have been involved with and why?

My new series “Black Summer” available now on Netflix. This project and story as a whole is a tapestry of exploring very important ideas and issues that are incredibly meaningful to me as a citizen of this country and as a mother. To use my craft as a storyteller to reflect back to others that they are being seen and heard is why I am an actor. To entertain people above all is my greatest joy.

Being in a media-based culture, how have you seen this affect your life? Would you want this culture to change?

I have seen it affect my life and society as a whole. There has never been a greater shift in culture since the rise of social media and the way people “connect” or “disconnect” depending on the situation. The systems of checks and balances have deeply shifted, and in many ways, this is a great gift and a great curse. There have been radical abuses of power due to the hateful and disgusting rhetoric spewed out into the internet that is very terrifying because it has mobilized masses to come together in hate. And yet there have been incredible movements and communities formed swiftly to stand up and come together to change this planet in beautiful ways. This is an important time in our history, and we must act wisely. As we watch how it unfolds, we must do our part to stay in line with our own moral compass and integrity.

If you were to give your middle school self advice, what would you say?

Be kind with yourself, and be kind with others. Don’t hurt yourself, and don’t hurt others. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

What new and upcoming projects do you have that you are excited about?

I have so many exciting things in the works. I am executive producing and starring in a new project that I am absolutely in love with. I am not allowed to reveal it yet, but you will know soon! Thus, I am writing a lot, preparing for that one, and staying in the zone. I am also having an incredible time focusing on totally redesigning my home with my friend and interior design partner Gabrielle Santiago. I love the craft of interior design and mastering what it means to design with intention.

How have you seen our culture progress as far as embracing beauty? How would you like to see it be different?

I think our culture has always embraced, if not been obsessed with, beauty. However, it has not been close to embracing ALL forms of beauty. We need to do a lot more work in this area so that beauty is inclusive and not exclusive to one race, gender, shape, form, and identity. There is more awareness but not enough. Beauty companies really need to step up and have integrity. That they make and sell products for everyone. That these beauty products are available in every store, everywhere. So that people of all skin tones are being considered and taken into account—not an afterthought. That all consumers are taken care of. It really makes me angry when in so many stores there is nothing available for people of color. I want all people to know that they are beautiful and feel beautiful. Above all, beauty is a state of being, and it radiates from those that are loving, joyful, kind, and of service. That kind of beauty cannot be bought or painted on—that beauty is the real treasure. So may we all celebrate that!

Photos Via Jenna Carlie, Painting Via Alexa Meade

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