An aerial view of the corner of a street

Rounding the corner of a street called summer,
A pause before waltzing down the road
Of a new school year and a new season—
Labor Day

The indulgence of weekday sunshine,
The decadence of an afternoon without a schedule—
Mandatory rest in a country built on work.

Pancakes and bike parades
Celebration and anticipation
The corner of summer and new beginnings 

Tanned hands,
Soon-to-trade watermelon slices for No. 2’s,
Wave goodbye to warm summer months.

One final exhale,
An eagerly awaited fresh start
Before the fall comes in like the tide

Perhaps this year,
Despite plans gone awry
And expectations unmet, 

We might find ourselves
At the corner of summer and new beginnings,
A season of respite beckoning change.

Image via Madeline Mullenbach

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