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There may be no city more perfectly poised for a tourist explosion than Lisbon. It’s the oldest city in Western Europe — hundreds of years older than London, Paris, and Rome — but somehow it still feels like a secret. And even though it’s a city rich in history, Lisbon is in no way stuck in the past. Interesting shops and restaurants abound, and there’s something new and fascinating around each tile-covered corner.

The weather is gorgeous, the food is fantastic, and every night is a party on the streets of Bairro Alto. If you’re looking for a new pocket of Europe to discover, this is it.

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Where to Stay

When deciding on a neighborhood in Lisbon, it’s important to take the city’s hills into account. A standard map won’t show you which streets will leave you huffing and puffing to your door, so it can be difficult to know what you’re getting yourself into. Chiado is one of the flattest neighborhoods in town, and its location right in the city center makes it the perfect starting point for a day’s adventures.

If you’re torn between renting an apartment or staying in a hotel, a serviced apartment can be a great choice. Sweet Inn is a company that runs beautiful, modern apartments throughout the city, and each offers many of the amenities and conveniences traditionally associated with a hotel. You can even opt for a local smartphone as part of your reservation!

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What to Buy

Portugal may be famous for cork, but Lisbon is the cute packaging capital of Europe. Shops are brimming with brightly-colored, retro-style tubes of hand lotion, bars of sweetly-scented soap, and tins of sardines. A Vida Portuguesa is a beautifully-curated little jewel of a store tucked down a side street, with tall, glimmering displays of beauty products and wide tables stacked with soft, colorful textiles and all manner of drool-worthy home goods. If you only go to one shop while in Lisbon, make it this one.

But if you can manage to tear yourself away from A Vida Portuguesa, make your way just down the street to Loja da Burel, a factory shop offering accessories made with thick, colorful wool from the Serra da Estrela mountains. For something a little different and deeply charming, visit Luvaria Ulisses, an old-fashioned boutique that sells beautifully-crafted gloves. Everything about the store harkens to another, more glamorous time, and a visit is guaranteed to make you feel like Rose preparing to board the Titanic (sans Cal and impending iceberg).

Interesting shops and restaurants abound, and there’s something new and fascinating around each tile-covered corner.

What to Eat

Fresh fish abounds in Lisbon, and they put it to good use. Try a traditional Portuguese plate of fish with potatoes, or go exotic and try their take on sushi. There are lots of new, interesting restaurants serving more modern dishes, and if you’re homesick and craving a burger (we won’t tell), there are plenty of really great options.

Portugal is famous for its little custard tarts — pasteis de nata — and they’re delicious and everywhere. But what you must, must, MUST try is Pão de Deus, “Bread of God.” This fluffy, moist, lightly sweet loaf with a layer of coconut on top will leave you with heart eyes and Fado music ringing in your ears. Try it on its own, or sliced open with a slab of ham and cheese inside like the locals do.

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What to Do

Lisbon is packed with things to see — from the São Jorge Castle on one side to the Golden Gate’s little brother, the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge, on the other. The best way to see it all and everything in between is on a sidecar tour. Yep, strap on your head scarf. Sidecar Touring will pick you up at your apartment in a vintage motorcycle, tuck you into your vintage sidecar, and zip you through the city. Not only is it incredibly fun, but it’s a great way to get acquainted with the city and all its neighborhoods.

After you’ve learned some history and gotten the lay of the land, it’s time to go out adventuring. On the west side of the city is LX Factory, a former factory space turned into a cool outdoor shopping area. There are vintage stores, great restaurants, and trendy little cafes and sweet shops — perfect for a long, hungry stroll.

Later, clamber onto a cable car and ride up to Igreja da Graça. There’s a little cafe on the terrace where you can sit with a glass of something cool, listen to the guitar player strumming on the steps of the church, and take in the best view in the city.

Have you been to Lisbon?

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  1. Living in Lisbon, I was born in Lisbon. I really enjoyed the article about Lisbon. Besides being very well writing is very descriptive. Lisbon is all this, a small but modern city full of friendly people.

  2. I’m from Lisbon and I’m in love with my city every single year. You can also go to beach in Costa da Caparica (take the Ponte 25 Abril) or go to Cascais. You should totally spend a day in Sintra to discover Palacio da Pena, an old palace from the monarcs, and Quinta da Regaleira, a beautiful mansion with lots of explendid gardens.
    I would also recommend going to Oceanário, which is one of the largest public aquariums in Europe. And one last recommendation (I’m sorry, but in Lisbon you really can do anything!): go see public concerts Belém gardens – Meo Out Jazz festival – and other music festivals that happen on weekends and afterwork hours, which is the perfect oportunity to have a drink with your friends before dinner, with a breathtaking sunset to watch!

  3. Having just returned from Lisbon — I simply could not have agreed more with your article–the glove shop is a must, soaps by Claus Porto Milled Soaps (true luxury!) and the open air market “Faira da Ladra” (thieves fair) was marvellous. I took a tuk tuk from Belem to Barrio Alto — lunched and people watched in the park cafe’s and enjoyed simple walks through the picturesque neighbourhoods. Loved it!

  4. I love Lisbon and all the places you mentioned are spot on! I stayed with a married couple between the arroios & saldhana metro stops since I know the husband through photography. I loved the ferry to go across the river to Cascilas during sunset and it’s the perfect time to see ponte de 25 abril. It’s my favorite city as well @ Marie 🙂 here are some images of the Cascilas side. My Lisbon post is going live soon!

  5. Lisbon is by far my favorite European city. I stayed in the Almafa area and from there, it was so enjoyable to walk through the city and explore. The people are friendly and their food is amazingly simple and good. That glove shop, Luvaria Ulisses is super cool and incredibly small-like a walk in closet! 🙂 I can’t wait to go back, and like this article, I completely recommend this city!


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